Trade secrets from Chris Breen of Wildlife Worldwide

Chris Breen spills the beans and lets us in on three of the world's best wildlife lodges you've probably never even heard of

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1. Luwi Bush Camp, Luangwa Valley, Zambia

Luwi is my favourite camp anywhere in Africa (if not the world), but it is rarely seen in travel brochures. Norman Carr, the legendary gamekeeper, liked this place the best and made it the site of his first walking-safari bush camp.

2. Knight Inlet Lodge, Glendale Cove, BC, Canada

As wilderness locations go, Knight Inlet Lodge is hard to beat. It's the place to see bears. There are four viewing platforms, which are used when salmon is running – perfect for photographers.

What makes it really special is that when the bear viewing is at its peak the cove is also home to humpback whale, pods of orca, dolphins and sea otters. Watching the morning mist disappear from the cove to reveal bears feeding at the shore is a primeval and humbling experience.

3. Shoebill Camp, Zambia

Shoebill Camp, in the heart of Zambia's Bangweulu Swamps – one of Africa's most spectacular wetlands – is wild, remote and hard to get to.

The camp is simple but the wildlife-viewing is unbeatable: 10,000 black lechwe, four shoebill (one of the most endangered birds on the planet), 83 wattled cranes, pallid harriers, waterbirds in abundance – and that was just on my first morning. This is probably how the Okavango Delta was 100 years ago.

Chris Breen's passion for wildlife and travel led to the formation of Wildlife Worldwide in 1992. It has since spawned Walks Worldwide, Dive Worldwide and Equine Adventures.

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