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List Words : Ellie Kinsella | 13 February 2019

The top travel podcasts you need to listen to

Bringing you entertainment and a wealth of knowledge on your next journey, take a listen to these inspirational travel talks from top podcast presenters...

1: Zero to travel

With over 15 years experience travelling the world, Jason Moore shares his passion for all things travel in his weekly hour-long podcasts. Take a listen as he interviews fellow explorers on their epic journeys, from walking across America to visually impaired cyclists embarking on a 16,000 mile journey from Argentina to Alaska. Other weekly posts include tips on how to budget, travel safety tips, as well as how to find work while on the road.

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2: JUMP with traveling Jackie

Formerly known as The Budget-Minded Traveler, Jackie has revamped her podcast to JUMP with Traveling Jackie – partly inspired by photos of her leaping mid-air at some of the world's most iconic landmarks. Jackie's podcast has a distinct focus on off-the-beaten track travel and highlights insider tips, as well as hidden gems of travel across several continents. Those with travel-related questions also have an opportunity to engage, as her regular 'ask Jackie' sessions aim to give in-depth answers to her online community.

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3: The Skift Podcast

Editors from American travel media company Skift speak with creatives, executives and entrepreneurs to gain their understanding of change in travel behaviours and how the industry is developing alongside. Their 30-40 minute-long sessions focus on the latest travel trends, such as challenges for low-cost airlines, solutions for overtourism, as well as megatrends for the new year.

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4: Taste Trekkers' Find Dining Podcast

Foodie-lovers unite as host Seth Resler chats with culinary experts and food bloggers from cities around the world on their local dining scene and where communities eat out. Whether you're in search of the most mouthwatering dim sum in Asia or traditional recipes along the Silk Road, The Find Dining Podcast provides an inside scoop on national dishes and the best places to eat. Explicitly 'for foodies who love travel and travellers who love food.'

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5: The Rough Guide to Everywhere

From artful vodou in Haiti to the extraordinary life of an 81-year-old cowboy and pirate, the Rough Guide to Everywhere features the kind of stories you share with friends in the pub, rather than sort you'd find published in a guidebook. Seasons 1 and 2 are hosted by Greg Dickinson and season 3 by Rebecca Hallett and Neil McQuillian. Season 4 is coming in 2019, with a new host from the Rough Guides editorial team.

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6: Travel with Rick Steves

Rick Steves is an American travel writer, guide book author, television personality and podcast presenter. While Rick's main podcast covers weekly one hour conversations with guest experts about culture, travel and people, his podcast collection extends to audio tours, European videos and live recordings from the travel classics.

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7: Indie Travel Podcast

Whether you're looking for advice on the best things to do in New Zealand, the essentials to pack in your carry-on bag, or the cheapest way to get around on your next city break, tune in to Craig and Linda Martin who are the masterminds behind the Indie Travel Podcast. Each 20-30 minute episode brings insightful and entertaining stories from backpackers, expats and digital nomads who share a passion for travel.

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8: Amateur Traveler

Host Chris Christensen hones in on specific travel destinations and why they appeal to visitors. Each 40-60 minute-long clip centres around a particular country or experience, such as a safari in Botswana, or travelling Hawaii's Big Island, and is joined in conversation by people who have lived in or are well-travelled in the topical destination.

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9: We travel there with Lee Huffman

Go beyond the basic tourist attractions and discover the best things to do, eat, drink and see from a local's perspective, as host Lee Huffman talks with locals from around the world to discover the hidden treasures of the cities they call home.

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10: Travel Today with Peter Greenberg

Join one of America's most esteemed travel journalists Peter Greenberg, as he airs his weekend podcast from different locations around the world. Each episode reveals the fascinating history and scenery of the destination at hand, whether it's learning the Napoleanic past on the remote island of St Helena, or on board Canada's Rock Mountaineer train from Banff to Vancouver.

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11: Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast

Host Travis Sherry aims to share his knowledge on everything for a life worth travelling more and spending less. Listen in as he shares insider travel tips on how to go the extra mile with frequent flyer deals to packing like a pro, alongside fellow iconic travel podcasters and bloggers who also feature in the interviews.

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 12: This week in travel

Join leading travel writers, bloggers and podcasters for weekly discussions and tips on all travel matters from teaching English overseas, to family travel and living in an RV.

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