Top 5 places for a tipple in Marrakech

Looking for a pub in Marrakech? You may be surprised at the limited choices in the Medina, says Jim Embrescina

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With only two places serving alcohol in the Medina proper, it's worth knowing where to go if you're after a little more than mint tea.

1. Restaurant le Marrachechi

Why? For its enclosed terrace with great views of the square. Thirsty tourists will have to try their luck though, as It's primarily a restaurant so if they're booked for dinner they won't accommodate drinkers.

Where? Place Jemâa El Fna 52, rue des Banques Médina.

2. Grand Hotel Tazi

Why? Just off the square, they serve beer or cocktails inside the hotel lobby or on the inviting rooftop terrace. The view of the Koutoubia Mosque at night is spectacular.

Where? Avenue El Mouahidines, corner Bab Agnaou.

Alcohol is a little easier to find in the new town (Nouvelle Ville). Here are three great places to enjoy a drop.

3. The Grand Cafe de la Poste

Why? Not only does it have a full bar and wine list; there's also a huge selection of free nibbles, come happy hour. Alcohol is not allowed in the street side patio, so opt for the inner terrace to indulge.

Where? Boulevard el-Mansour Eddhabbi, Guéliz.

4. Azar

Why? This trendy, clubby bar in the basement of an excellent Lebanese restaurant has traditional, oriental-style live music each night with no cover charge. Drinks are on the expensive side but well made; make sure you try a shisha (water pipe) with apple tobacco.

Where? Rue de Yougoslavie, Guéliz.

5. The Kechmara Cafe

Why? The food is well prepared at the hip, modern Kechmara restaurant (the name is a reversal of Mara-kech), although the real draw is the large rooftop bar with live music.

Where? 3 Rue de la Liberte, Guéliz.

Jim Embrescina travelled to Marrakech with Wanderlust Journeys

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