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The world's strangest travel-related phobias

With news that 12-year-old old Joe Thompson finally overcame his phobia of flying to jet back to the UK after a year in Abu Dhabi, we look at other, weirder phobias that terrify some travellers

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1. Agrizoophobia

A fear of wild animals

2. Cryophobia

A fear of extreme cold

3. Macrophobia

A fear of long waits

4. Heliophobia

A fear of the sun

5. Limnophobia

A fear of marshes or lakes

6. Osmophobia

A fear of smells or odours

7. Atephobia

A fear of old buildings and ruins

8. Ancraophobia

A fear of wind

9. Nomophobia

A fear of losing mobile phone reception

10. Agyrophobia

A fear of crossing the street

11. Hodophobia

A fear of road travel

12. Aerophobia

A fear of flying

13. Anthropophobia

A fear of people

14. Batophobia

A fear of tall objects

15. Gephyrophobia

A fear of bridges

16. Siderodromophobia

A fear of train travel

17. Belonephobia

A fear of needles

18. Ophidiophobia

The fear of snakes

19. Dendrophobia 

A fear of trees

20. Xerophobia

A fear of dry places

21. Cyclophobia 

A fear of bicycles

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