The world's 8 scariest insects

Eight high-grade nasties you’ll want to avoid in your travels. (A note to pedants: a few are arachnids)

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1. Bot Fly

The bot fly uses mammals, including humans, to host its larvae until they are ready to venture out into the wider world. Removing them can be problematical and involves sealing the larva’s breathing hole with Vaseline before sending in a trained medical professional to enlarge the hole pull it out with tweezers.

2. Asian Giant Hornet

Colloquially known as ‘The Yak Killer’, the Asian Giant Hornet is the world’s biggest hornet, with a 6mm stinger capable of injecting a venom potent enough to kill, well, a yak.

3. Bull Ants

Australia’s bull ants are amongst the biggest and most psychotic. Highly aggressive and with a painful sting, their nests should be avoided at all costs.

4. New Zealand Weta

Only found on Little Barrier Island in New Zealand, this oversized cricket is three times heavier than a mouse, and while, technically, it won’t kill you, coming across one unannounced will give you a hell of a fright.

5. Red Rumped Tarantula

Big and furry, tarantulas are scary enough without a bright red bum and a tendency to jump out unexpectedly from under logs in Mexico.

6. Golden Orb Spider

This spider eats birds. Enough said.

7. Africanized Honey Bees

A hybrid bee created in Brazil to try and increase honey production, these little blighters are basically European bees gone bad. They’re alright when you get one on its own, but in a swarm, they’re deadly.

8. Camel Spider

Also known as ‘The Wind Scorpion,’ the camel spider became the stuff of legend amongst US troops serving in Iraq, with highly exaggerated tales of their speed, size and danger. While their ability to harm humans is negligible, their reputation remains formidable.

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