Bruce Willis at Madam Tussauds New York ( See main credit below))
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The world's 7 weirdest wax works museums

From creepy royal effigies to a Jesus that looks like Tom Cruise, here are the wax work experiences you won’t get at Madame Tussaud’s...

Movieland Wax Museum ( Wax Museum (

1. Movieland Wax Museum of the Stars, Ontario, Canada

This wax museum near Niagara Falls is famous for having models that don’t quite look like the stars they are meant to look like.  

Look out for: Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. (Hint: He’s wearing a hat and swinging from the ceiling.) More information

Wax figure of Bill Clinton ( figure of Bill Clinton (

2. Hall of Fame Wax Museum, Lebanon

Tucked on the side of Mount Lebanon, 17 kilometres from Beirut, the Hall of Fame houses more than 50 silicone statues of the world’s famous people, including local music star, Wadih El Shafi, singing and playing his oud.

Look out for: Former U.S. President Bill Clinton denying any sexual relation with that woman. More information

Bucharest Museum of Natural History ( Bucharest Museum of Natural History ( 

3. Bucharest Museum of Natural History, Romania

As well as the usual dinosaur bones, animal dioramas and geology exhibitions, Bucharest’s Museum of Natural History is also home to a collection of pop stars, cultural idols, mythological figures and famous mutants from human history.

Look out for: Masha and Dasha, the world's eldest Siamese twins, the pig-faced woman, Hercules and the local man with the record for putting the most straws in his mouth. More information

Westminster Abbey at night ( Abbey at night (

4. The Museum of Westminster Abbey, London, UK

Located in the vaulted undercroft beneath the former monks' dormitory, the Abbey Museum houses a collection of royal wax effigies going back to the time of Edward III. The effigies were placed on the top of coffins during  funeral processions.

Look out for: Horatio Nelson. And Elizabeth I modelling a rare corset dating from 1603. More information

Platform at Kanyakumari Creative Commons: Pranchiyettan)Platform at Kanyakumari  Creative Commons: Pranchiyettan)

5. Kanyakumari station, Tamil Nadu, India

When beggars and stray dogs took up residence in the abandoned retail space within Kanyakumari station, railway officials turned it into a wax museum instead. Now passengers can wait for their train alongside realistic models of Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein, and Pope John Paul II.

Look out for: Barack Obama More information

6. Biblewalk, Ohio, USA

This Christian-themed wax gallery in Mansfield, Ohio, uses second-hand mannequins of rock stars, Hollywood idols and British royalty to represent its 300-something Biblical characters.

Look out for: A young Tom Cruise as Jesus More information

7. Chinese and Foreign Celebrity Wax Museum, Haying Mountain, China

The models on display at the Huaying Mountain Chinese and Foreign Celebrity Wax Museum are so bad that the many of the celebrities have threatened to sue the owners. Litigants include the cream of Chinese cinema – such as Jackie Chan, Jet Lee and Gong Li.

Look out for: Roger Federer. (Hint: It’s the guy holding a tennis racquet) More information


Main Image: Bruce Willis at Madam Tussauds New York (

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