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Article Words : Wanderlust team | 18 December

The Wanderlust guide to winter activities

Some of the most exciting travel activities only happen in winter. Here’s your guide to experiencing the best of them...

As the days get shorter it’s tempting to rug up and retreat indoors. But in many parts of the world the fun is only just beginning. Here’s your guide to embracing the cold and seeing the world from a whole new perspective.

Mushing huskies ( Mushing huskies ( 

Looking for inspiration?

When the temperatures plummet and the snow falls, adventurous travellers are spoilt for choice. Fancy mushing a team of huskies? How about travelling along Canada’s infamous ice roads? Maybe you’d like to go snowshoeing on Mount Lebanon? Winter really is a wonderous way to see the world in a fresh and exciting way.

The choices are endless, so with that in mind we gathered together a crack team of contributors to list their 16 unmissable winter adventures. You’re bound to find something that will fire you up.

Polly Evans, meanwhile, has put together a list of the 6 ultimate Arctic adventures. From staying with Inuit tribes to dodging icebergs in Greenland, it’s a hotbed of inspiration.

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16 unmissable winter adventures ­– Various Contributors

6 ultimate Arctic adventures – Polly Evans

 Inside Iceland's Langjökull glacier (Hazel Plush)

Tales from the cold

So, what can you expect from your winter adventure? We sent our writers out into the cold to find out. Jasper Winn experienced snow sports and saunas in Finland, lake skating in the Netherlands and snowshoeing in Bulgaria and loved them all.

Jeremy Head ventured deep into Karelia in frozen Russia.  Jonathan Reynolds went walking with reindeer in Arctic Sweden. And Martin Symington tried every winter activity available in Japan’s wild frontier, Hokkaido.

Finally, Hazel Plush went inside Iceland's Langjökull glacier. Yep, that’s right. Inside. I'll let her tell you all about it.

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Snow sports and saunas in Finland – Jasper Winn

Skating through the Netherlands – Jasper Winn

A snowshoeing weekend in Bulgaria – Jasper Winn

A winter’s tale in Karelia, Russia – Jeremy Head

Walking with reindeer in Arctic Sweden – Jonathon Reynolds

Hokkaido: Japan’s wild frontier – Martin Symington

Inside Iceland's Langjökull glacier – Hazel Plush

Skiing in Deogyusan, South Korea ( in Deogyusan, South Korea (

Wild skiing

Skiing, of course, is the world’s leading winter activity. You’ve probably skied in the Alps. And maybe even popped over to some of the better-known slopes in the States. But how about Iran. Or Morocco? Or Kosovo?

Frances Tatman has put together a list of the world’s 8 most adventurous ski destinations for the skier looking for new frontiers. Once you’ve worked your way through that list, you might want to check out Lauren Williams' 8 alternative ski destinations too.

Make sure you take out insurance and read our tips on surviving a ski trip before you go.

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Sunburst on the snow ( on the snow (

Capturing it all on film

There’s more to filming your adventurous winter activities than sticking a GoPro camera on your head. Just ask Austin Vince, one of the directors of the Adventure Film Festival. He reveals how to make a brilliant adventure film that will astound and thrill.

Photographing winter destinations can be tricky too ­– white balance and exposure are particularly difficult to get right. Thankfully Steve Davey is on hand with his tips for photographing snow.

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How to make a brilliant adventure film – Austin Vince

Cold snaps: photographing in the snow – Steve Davey

Snowshoeing ( (

Ready to go?

Here’s a fantastic selection of tours offered by our partners. From Superjeep safaris in Iceland to husky sledding in the Yukon, there's something for every taste and budget. Make sure your check out these 8 action-packed winter activity holidays too. 

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Our Trip Finder can help you you’re your next winter activity adventure.


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