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The very best of Blog of the Week

From moving reminiscences to practical, money-saving advice, our featured bloggers have offered something for everyone in 2012. Here's the best of them:

Blog of the Week

The Manga ManThe Manga of Shimokita

Where our featured blogger this week, Justin Egli, introduced us to one of Tokyo's real characters, Magna street performer Rikimaru Toho. Read more


Remembering HomsRemembering the people of Homs

Helen Watson ponders the fate of the people she met when she visited Homs two years ago. Read more


Ramalla dumpster

Turn right at the dumpster and keep an open mind

Katie Beck ignores the naysayers and gets under the skin of Ramallah. Read more


Bangkok street FoodYour guide to Bangkok’s best street food

Allan Wilson, has combed the streets of Bangkok to find the Thai capital's tastiest offerings. Read more


BalanceIt’s all about balance

Kristen contemplates balancing her needs as a traveller and the needs of those she visits. Read more


BhutanHow to visit Bhutan without offending anyone

Hello Bhutan was set up by our featured blogger, Ilka Staschen, to shed light on this fascinating country. Read more


BelfastReturning to Belfast

It's been a long time between trains, but Helen Moat returns to her roots to discover a vibrant and confident Belfast. Read more


Oz on the cheapHow to travel Australia on the cheap

Jonny Blair, tells you how to keep your head above water in the land Down Under. Read more

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