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List Words : Team Wanderlust | 09 March 2019

The top 15 travel blogs you must read

We've scoured the web and social media to compile the ultimate list of travel's most important, useful, and entertaining blogs...

1. Stuck In Customs

Described as a 'Daily Photo Adventure', this blog showcases Trey Ratcliff's amazing travel photos. Of most interest to aspiring photographers are the step-by-step guides to how he took them. His guide to HDR photography is arguably one of the best on the web.

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2. Fluent In 3 Months

Irishman Benny Lewis sets himself language challenges, and along the way shows how you too can learn another language cheaply and quickly.

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3. The Everywhereist

Geraldine DeRuiter travels the world and eats. But she's not your average Travel Foodie Blogger, as posts like 7 Badass Bavarian Foods You Must Try testify.

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4. Fox Nomad

Anil Polat's tech guide to travel is the go-to blog for up-to-the-minute advice on wireless internet on the road, international SIM cards, and exactly which chargers you should be taking with you.

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5. Journeywoman

Heralded as the premier travel resource for women, Evelyn Hannon's blog tackles everything from packing to travelling safely – with lots of good food in between.

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6. The Adventurists

From the brains behind The Mongol Rally, this blog revels in the wackier side of travel and gives a heads-up on new events and adventures.

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7. Globalhelpswap

Eco-travellers Karen Sargent and Paul Farrugia believe in enriching travel experiences that respect the destination's culture, landscape and resources. 

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8. Tim Leffel's Cheapest Destinations

Travel veteran Tim Leffel tells you how to stretch your travel budget further with tips about destinations, travel deals and travel gear.

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9. The Longest Way Home

Dave has been on the road for over 13 years now. Along the way he has picked up a shed-load of tips and experiences that he shares openly and with sometimes alarming candour.

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10. Solo Traveler

Janice Waugh is a solo traveller, blogging exclusively about getting the most from travelling on your own. From destination guides to tips on finding classes as a solo traveller, you'll find everything you need to travel on your lonesome.

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11. Time Travel Turtle

Michael Turtle gave up his career in media in Australia to visit every UNESCO site in the world. Follow his quest and make a list of your own.

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12. Emily Luxton Travels

Emily champions solo female adventure travel, with a particular focus on slower, more meaningful travel, rather than a 'ticking-off' approach.

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13. Global Grasshoppers

Advice and inspiration with a slightly off-beat outlook. The world's weirdest beaches is an excellent example of their style.

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14. Get In The Hotspot

Travel stories and tips from an expat Brit living in Australia. Uplifting. Useful. Funny.

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15. Follow The Boat

Wanderlust regular Liz Cleere created a corner of the web where aspiring travel writers can hone their craft. Liz, her partner Jamie, and their cat named Millie teamed up to sail all corners of the world, and keep aspiring travellers updated on Follow The Boat.

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