The best from myWanderlust this week

It's been a five-star week on myWanderlust. Literally

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Don’t just take my word for it. Go over to the Experiences section of myWanderlust and take a look. Every single Experience that appears on the first page has a five-star rating. From NickLangride’s tale of umbrellas and beggars in Rome down to Alan Taylor’s thoughts on customer service in Ethiopia, each carefully crafted tale is adorned with five glittering red stars.

Hmoat01’s tale of Powyl Cobb’s Carriage averaged five stars after 50. That’s some achievement. And after reading the story, I can say it’s thoroughly deserved.

The other thing I liked about Experiences this week was that we had a mix of old and new myWanderlusters, and a few we haven’t seen for a while. Like Roody2Shoes, who gave us three stories from the US – Yetis and Liars in San Diego’s Outback, Snakes and Comets in the Rio Grande and natural hot springs in Shoshone. Sharon Jenkins Carter meets Tenzing and the Everest Party and Julia69 takes us on a drive up the Costa del Sol. You can check them all out here.

SuziR is just back from a month in Nepal where she got to see a shamen in action. KeriStewart has returned after chilling out in East Neuk of Fife. And satkinson is back with a fistful of memory cards full of pics of icebergs on Jokulsarlon beach in Iceland. Closer to home, Farawayvisions has returned safely from visiting the Devil’s Dungeon, a crater made by a WWII bomb in Coventry.

Over on the Forum, boffin116 is wondering whether slum tourism is ethical or not. It’s been a feature of tourism in South Africa for a while now. And with the Olympics and Football World Cup in Brazil, the favelas in Rio are gearing up for an influx of visitors too. Have your say on this vexing matter here.

Keithruffles wants to know if travel insurance is a waste of money. I’ve never had to make a claim – touch wood – so technically, I have wasted my money.  But I guess it only takes that one disaster, or mini-disaster, to make it worthwhile. What do you think?

While you’re over at the Forum, make sure you contribute to Howellsy’s quest to find a European city to visit as well as the world’s greatest hike. The Flower In Power at the Towers, Daisy Cropper, also wants to know your favourite cityscape. Would it be predictable if I nominated the view from the Manly Ferry as it approached Circular Quay?

Finally, to Photography, where the five star contagion seems to have spread too. It’s hardly surprising, I guess. Since announcing a mini photo competition on the theme of landscape, our photography section is awash with stunning images from every corner of the world. There are far too many excellent shots for me to single out. Best you grab a cup of something and settle in for the afternoon.

Oh, and if you were wondering what happened to the From the Editor blog last week, it was written in invisible web ink...

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