Starry night at Sennen Cove (Cornwall, England) by Matthew Longworth
Interview 29 March

Story behind the photo: Starry Night at Sennen Cove

Matthew Longworth, runner up in the Wanderlust Travel Photo of the Year 2013 Landscape Category, tells the story of his beautiful image

I travelled to Cornwall in July 2013 for a week-long camping trip a couple of miles from Land’s End. I had never visited this area of England before and it excited me because I love to explore and shoot in new places. I was struck by the beautiful coastlines, wildlife and scenery but I never expected the night sky to be so magnificent. England is so often light polluted.

I am a student of photography and try to learn new things every day. I had never photographed the night sky before so I did some research on night photography, particularly on capturing the stars. I was enthusiastic about experimenting with a new technique in new surroundings so I ventured out to Sennen Cove at 10 pm one night to see what I could come up with.

The sea was rough, battering the rocks next to the pier. The street lights lit the cove and the stars were spectacular in the sky. I desperately wanted to capture the scene through the lens of my camera.

After taking the shot, I knew that it was the special image I had anticipated. The photograph has encouraged me to further my interest in capturing scenes at night and has filled me with confidence as an amateur photographer beginning my career.

Technical details:

Nikon D600, 24-85mm lens, Tripod, Shutter Release Cable. Focal length 24mm, 20 Seconds, f/3.5, ISO 1600.

Judges comments:

The Wanderlust panel awarded Matthew's atmospheric image Runner Up in the Landscape Category.

“A luminous scene with sharpness, softness and  a sense of our small place in the universe.”  Photographer Paul Harris FRGS.

“Cornwall – who’d have thought it. This is a remarkable image in itself, throw in the shooting star it is nigh on perfect. Magnificent, well done.” Wildlife photography expert Paul Goldstein.