Travel photographer @SteppingThroughFilm re-creates big movie moments

Instagrammer Thomas Duke brings photos of famous movie moments to their exact settings around the world. The results are, as you'd expect, very cool. Here are our favourites...

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The biggest mistake from Marvel: misrepresenting the London Underground! Thor boards the train at Charing Cross station and is then told it’s ‘three stops’ to Greenwich.

— Thomas Duke

I love that a film like this [Skyfall] of its calibre and presence was born on the floors of where hundreds of people walk every single day. It’s quite magical really.

— Thomas Duke

The final scene of Atonement and I can’t believe I managed to get here. It felt beautifully poignant walking among the cobbled pebbles knowing this was where Robbie and Cecilia could have had a life together.

— Thomas Duke

In paris...

Thomas recreates famous scenes from Mission Impssible: The Fallout (left) and From the film The Devil Wears Paris (below) shot in the city's famous square,  Place de la Concorde. 




Did you know? 

Beautiful Freshwater West beach in Pembrokeshire not only featured in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. 

It was also used as a backdrop for the film Robin Hood. 

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