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SAS Crew Guide to Stockholm

Crew from Scandinavia's leading airline, SAS, let you in on the best places to appreciate Sweden's swinging capital

Stockholm in Summer

1. Park Life. Stockholm style.

Located just north of the city centre, Haga Park is a wonderful treasure. It is a popular place for Stockholmers to escape to. When the weather is nice it is the perfect place for a picnic, a leisurely stroll, riding a bike or jogging. It is a huge park that offers small cafes, a royal castle and an excellent location beside the water. There are also two great restaurants in the park, the classic Stallmästaregården and the contemporary Haga Forum.

From: Karin K, air hostess

More information: www.solna.se

2. Streets ahead

In the winter time I love the Old Town, with its ancient buildings, narrow streets, rich history, restaurants, shops and bars. But in the summer it becomes too touristy and expensive, so I head to Södermalm, a great neighbourhood that has lots to offer.

I love streets like Götgatan, Mosebacke Torg, Fjällgatan and Medborgarplatsen. It is a lively area with a huge selection of great shops and nice dining.

From: Gunila N, air purser

3. Follow the girl with the dragon tattoo

Fascinated by the books in the Stieg Larsson Millennium Trilogy, about the girl with the dragon tattoo? Take the guided tour and follow the trail of Lisbet Salander and Mikael Blomqvist.

The tour takes about two hours and will show you many great places in Stockholm that touch upon the characters in the books. Alternatively, you can buy a map and do the tour on your own.

The tours are available in English from June to September and tickets can be bought at the City Museum or Stockholm Tourist Centre.

From:  Marie-Louise N, air hostess

More information: www.stadsmuseum.stockholm.se

4. Pool with a view

If you want to relax and exercise pay a visit to Centralbadet in downtown Stockholm. A few laps in the fantastic art nouveau pool is a great way to recharge.

From: Marie-Louise N, air hostess

More information: www.centralbadet.se

5. Vintage Heaven

I love vintage stores and like to pop into Myrorna (Hornsgatan 96) to find treasures and all sorts of rubbish. Or I go to Upplandsgatan, a street with several antique shops.

From: Lena S, Captain, SAS

6. Meatballs like Mamma used to make

Every Swedish mother has her special meatball recipe, but if you don't have the privilege of knowing any, then head over to Östermalms Saluhall for the next best thing.

This bustling covered market housed in a magnificent 19th century building facing the square of Östermalmstorg is home to some of Stockholm's best food vendors, and most of them have a few seats or tables serving traditional Swedish food at great prices. Try the vendor Will Ohlsson, it's my favourite.

From: Jacob L, editor

More information: www.ostermalmshallen.se

7. Coffee with an edge

Solstugan is a great cafe, located on the cliffs in the residential neighbourhood of Fredhäll, mostly frequented by locals. The view of Lake Mälaren is beautiful. Only open during the lovely summer season.

From: Lotta E, air hostess

More information: www.solstugan.com

8. A meat lover's paradise

Vegetarians beware; what is probably Stockholm's cosiest restaurant right now is also a meat lover's paradise. Djuret means the animal and that's all they serve here. The menu contains starters and main course from one breed of animal only, with a new breed being introduced every three weeks or so. It's nose-to-tail eating in its purest form.

From: Rob H, editor

More information: www.djuret.se

9. And something for the vegetarians

Lao Wai is simply a gem. It's a Chinese restaurant, located in Stockholm's scaled down version of Chinatown, that only serves vegetarian food.

The menu is inspired by Szechuan cooking traditions – and that means spicy. The food is made á la minute; when you place your order the kitchen starts to chop the spices and vegetables... I just love the freshness of the food. The perfect place for vegetarians and people who like fresh, healthy food.

From: Marie-Louise N, air hostess

More information: www.laowei.se

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