Off the Page: Indigenous Alberta (Partner special)

In this podcast episode, get to know the real Alberta through the traditions and stories of its Indigenous communities...

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The Canadian province of Alberta is known for the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains, Banff and Lake Louise - pristine peaks, turquoise lakes and dark skies filled with unimaginable stars.  But its roots go far deeper. 

Long before this land was colonized, Indigenous peoples made their homes here. And today, Alberta is home to 45 First Nations and over 85,000 Métis - a tribal group who have both Indigenous and European ancestry - all with their own unique identity, culture and history.

This is their land, and you can’t really see Alberta, you can’t truly understand it, until you hear their stories, discover their traditions, and learn about this rich cultural tapestry that is embedded deep into Alberta’s wide-open prairies and towering peaks. 

Today, we’ll be taking a journey through Alberta’s Indigenous past, present and future. We’re going to go in search of the rare snow-white bison, trample through the forest on a plant medicine walk and hear about a five-day horse trek through ancient native land. 

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