Off the page: The timeless charm of Azerbaijan (Partner special)

In this episode, listen as Mark Elliott guides you through the wealth of history, culture and nature found in little known Azerbaijan...

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You might not know much about Azerbaijan, but after this episode, you'll be booking your flights for this small yet incredibly culturally rich country.

Azerbaijan contains a wealth of history, culture, and geography, boasting  cities old and new as well as soaring mountain ranges, brightly coloured lakes, and mossy forests. From doing a homestay with a family in a Silk Road village to taking horses out across the Caucasus Mountains, there's so much to do in this gem of the Caspian Sea. 

And in this episode, host Aaron Millar will interview travel writer Mark Elliott, who's been visiting and writing about Azerbaijan for over 25 years. He'll guide us from the vibrant city of Baku through the High Caucasus, through Silk Road country and into the Lesser Caucasus and the lush greenery of the south. Along the way, you'll discover everything from Turkish food in Baku to the little-known area of Nakhchivan, which you can only reach by plane. 

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