The world's 8 most romantic cities, chosen by top travel-blogging couples

Today is the UK's National Kissing Day (June 23). Here, top travel-blogging couples, including The Planet D and Love & Road, select the world’s most romantic cities, perfect for a smooch...

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1: Udaipur, India

Debra Corbeil (The Planet D)

Women by the Ghats (The Planet D)

Udaipur is known as the most romantic city in India. It’s a shining jewel glowing in the Rajasthan desert. A place where you can find serenity in a very chaotic country. Located on the scenic Lake Pichola, we spent 10 days basking in the peace and quiet of our lakeside terrace.

It is a city of palaces. The country’s second largest palace, City Palace is located within the old city walls and the famous Lake Palace stands proud in the centre of it all. You might recognise Lake Palace from the James Bond film Octopussy.

Take a stroll early in the morning along the cobblestoned streets as women gather to wash their clothes along the Ghats. People are welcoming and friendly, and the gypsy culture is alive and well.

Artisans line the alleyways, while street performers take up stock in the squares. Take a boat ride on the lake or wander through bazaars. Feel like a Maharaja as you dine on balconies over looking the water while lounging on cushions sipping tea. With plenty of hotels located directly on the lake, it makes for the perfect romantic setting.


2: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Natalie Deduck (Love & Road)

Amsterdam canal (Love & Road)

Amsterdam is a super romantic city. After our third trip there, I can say it’s our favourite romantic city in the world. The city has a unique beauty, and a stroll around the canals with your beloved one is so fascinating.

If you want to surprise your soulmate, my suggestion is to go on a sunset cruise or rent a private boat, and don’t forget the chocolates and a bottle of good wine or Champange. Watching the sunset from Amsterdam’s canals is an unforgettable experience.

The food scene in Amsterdam is superb too, with lots of little bistros, intimate restaurants and trendy cafes. Food is an aphrodisiac and in Amsterdam you can find options for all tastes. If you don’t want to leave the hotel, we discovered that in Amsterdam there are some charming boutique hotels and even some titillating ones.


3: Quebec City, Canada

Carolann Hughes (One Modern Couple)

Le Château Frontenac, Quebec (Dreamstime)

Our favourite romantic city in the world is actually right in our own backyard. Quebec City in Canada is a vibrant city filled with charm and packed with activities for any couple, no matter what time of year you visit.

We absolutely love exploring one of the most European destinations in North America together. It is a unique place overflowing with history, saturated in French culture and brimming with romantic possibilities. We’ll find ourselves taking a walk hand-in-hand through Petit Champlain, an old district with picture-perfect streets, sharing a candlelit meal at a traditional Quebecois restaurant or staying a night at the stunning Chateau Frontenac.

The city really is a romantic place that embraces and welcomes any visiting couple with warmth and enthusiasm.


4: Berlin, Germany

Stefan Arestis (Nomadic Boys)

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin (Dreamstime)

Berlin was an extremely romantic place for us. Most people associate it with crazy sex fetish clubs and an extremely lax attitude to just about everything. In fact, they’re not far from the truth. In Berlin, anything goes, except crossing the road when it’s red. My advice: don’t get caught jaywalking in Germany.

Couples, whether straight and gay, will love this city. There are plenty of romantic things to do in Berlin. It’s a beautiful city to walk in, particularly in the evening when the iconic buildings are lit up. 

Our favourite is the famous Brandenburg Gate, not only for its majestic beauty, but because it is a symbol of reunification. During the days of the Berlin Wall, it was on ‘no man’s land’ and therefore abandoned for three decades. It wasn’t until 1989 that it was reopened to its former glory.


5: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Juno Kim (Runaway Juno)

Hong Kong at night (Dreamstime)

I spent New Year’s with my now husband in Hong Kong. This wasn’t long after we met and we were still dating back then. We saw the countdown and the midnight fireworks over the famous skyline from the hills under Victoria Peak.

We spent a month in the city exploring the urban areas of Hong Kong island, as well as the outlying islands, some of which don’t have motorized vehicles. Of course, we spent a lot of our time dining in cooked food centres, eating at street food stalls, and finding the best dim sum restaurants.

When we were not busy eating, we hiked up to Victoria Peak, rode a cable car to see the Big Buddha, went antiques shopping on Hollywood Road, and explored a cave on Cheung Chau island that was once a pirate’s hiding place in the late 18th century.

The city’s towering skyline, both on Kowloon and Hong Kong island, is one of the main attractions to enjoy. Hong Kong is the one of the only cities in the world where I enjoy walking among the tall buildings. The ferry across the harbour is not only a sightseeing highlight but it’s also incredibly romantic.


6: Budapest, Hungary

Jonathan Howe (Two Monkeys Travel)

Parliament building by the river, Budapest (Dreamstime)

Our favourite romantic city in the world is not Paris and not even Barcelona. It’s Budapest. A world away from the busy streets and tourist-filled attractions of the so-called ‘city of love’, Budapest has a relaxing charm that masks a complex history. 

Our favourite part of the city was wandering the old streets in the golden hours of the afternoon, when the sunset brought out the warmth and colour of all the buildings and a glass of sparkling wine made the perfect partner to romantic stroll.

To watch daylight fade as the sun went down, we took a walk down to the river and crossed to the other side to see the lights of the city and the bridge flicker one by one into life.


7: Rovinj, Croatia

Marco Hansel (Love & Compass)

Rovinj's Old Town (Dreamstime)

Our favourite romantic city is Rovinj in Croatia. The Old Town is build on a peninsula and has a lot of small lanes with old atmospheric houses and a church at the top of a mountain. The view from there, over the harbour and the Adriatic sea, is fantastic.

Especially in the evenings, when it’s getting dark, the Old Town is very romantic. All the small lanes are softly illuminated and you could choose any one of the many restaurants to eat at. You just have to sit down at a table outside, order a good pizza or the famous Cevapcici, and enjoy the special feeling.

Rovinj is one of the few cities that has a very unique atmosphere. But watch out: especially in the summer months of June, July and August, a lot of tourists come to Rovinj and it is getting very crowded. We suggest you come in the the months of May, late September or October for a trip. 


8: Edmonton, Canada

Laura Cody (Travelling Weasels)

Edmonton at night (Dreamstime)

Our latest favourite romantic city in the world is Edmonton, Canada. Edmonton surprised us at every turn. It’s hip and fun with a really young vibe , but it doesn’t stop there. It's 100 per cent romantic, from its breathtaking sunsets to its fancy hotels.

With lots of new, cute cafes and bars, there are plenty of places to go for a romantic brunch or an exciting evening.

For those who like adventurous dates, like us), Edmonton is also perfect. You can take a thrilling helicopter ride over the city, go fat biking through and around the city, or simply drive the short 30-minute drive to Elk Island to try and spot bison.

A stroll down Old Strathcona is also a lovely way to spend an afternoon to find something unique or just to window shop. 



Main image: Couple kissing (Dreamstime)


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