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Photo Gallery: 20 exceptional nature and wildlife photos inspired by 30 Days Wild

The 30 Days Wild challenge encourages you to take experience nature each day this month. Here are 20 stunning images of wildlife across the UK, from velvet swimming crabs to peregrine falcons

Osprey (Andrew J Mason)

Puffin (Amy Lewis)

Badger (Andrew J Mason)

Swallowtail butterfly (Margaret Holland)

Peregrine (Mike Snelle)

Edible Crab (Paul Naylor)

Skylark (Amy Lewis)

Bee Orchid (Philip Precey)

Water vole (Margaret Holland)

Osprey (Andrew J Mason)

Velvet swimming crab (Tim Ferrero)

Glowworm female (John Tyler)

Brown long-eared bat (Tom Mars)

Spurn Point (Rodger Ratcliffe)

Spurn Point (David Nichols)

Otter (Margaret Holland)

Adult male peregrine falcon (Steve Waterhouse)

Lady orchid (Jim Higham)

Puffin with fish (Charles Thody)

Helman Tor (David Chapman)

Bittern (Tim Stenton)


Spend a few minutes, or a few hours each day enjoying nature - how you do it is up to you. Sign up to get a free 30Days Wild pack and download the app for inspiring Random Acts of Wildness. Blog about it and 30 Days Wild could host your blog. Enter the competition too. Share you adventures #30DaysWild & @30DaysWild and on Facebook

Last year thousands of people carried out 1.8 million Random Acts of Wildness during 30 Days Wild, bringing people closer to nature and enhancing their lives.

Packs: You can sign up now to get their free 30 Days Wild Pack - wildflower seeds, mini meadow instructions, everyday nature spotter ID sheet, poster/wall chart to record activities, stickers. There’s a download version (without the seeds and stickers).

Contact 30 Days Wild for more information.

Find easily accessible wild places here.

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