From tango to trekking: 7 epic Argentinian adventures you'll want to book now

Dance the night away in Buenos Aires, trek through Patagonia by day and discover Argentina’s surreal north on these trips through Latin America’s most surprising destination...

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1: Tackle the ultimate Patagonian trek

Perito Moreno Glacier (Dreamstime)

Perito Moreno Glacier (Dreamstime)

Hike the W-Trek in Torres del Paine National Park, gaze upon the immense Perito Moreno Glacier and trek the Los Glaciares National Park on this awe-inspiring walking holiday through Patagonia with Exodus.

The treks are challenging, but you will be rewarded with some of the most iconic sights in South America. 

Amongst the immense lagoons, mountains and glaciers, you’ll spot guanacos grazing and Andean condors circling overhead.  Everything in this part of Patagonia is on a grand scale, including your sense of achievement.

Trip: Classic Patagonia Treks

Who: Exodus

When: Departures in November

How long: 11 days

How much: From £2,949 (exc. flights)

2: Get soaked at Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls on the Argentina/Brazil border (Dreamstime)

Iguazu Falls on the Argentina/Brazil border (Dreamstime)

Venture deep in to the Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat) of Argentina’s most spectacular waterfall on this short, add-on tour of Iguazu National Park with Discover South America.

It’s the ideal way to experience the falls from every angle. There’s a fully guided tour of the national park, including the upper and lower walkways beside the falls and a boat trip that will take you as close to the base of the falls as possible.

You will also get the chance to visit the Brazilian side of Iguazu and drop by the world-famous bird park there.

Trip: Discover Iguazu Falls from Argentina

Who: Discover South America

When: Flexible dates throughout the year

How long: 4 days

How much: From £285 (exc. flights)

3: A cultural tour into the heart of Argentina

Tango in Buenos Aires (Dreamstime)

Tango in Buenos Aires (Dreamstime)

Learn to tango in Buenos Aires, share a mate (herbal drink) in the countryside and tour Jesuit ruins on this cultural tour of Argentina with TravelLocal.

Your journey will start in an iconic milonga, a neighbourhood tango house, where skilled locals will teach you the finer points of their national dance. A stay in a historic finca will introduce you to Argentina’s fierce rural culture, while a visit to Jesuit ruins will explain the religious and cultural history of the region.

Trip: Magical Argentina

Who: TravelLocal

When: Flexible dates throughout the year

How long: 10 days

How much: From £1,230 (exc. flights)

4: Sample award-winning wines at Mendoza’s vineyards

Catena Zapata vineyard in Mendoza (Dreamstime)

Catena Zapata vineyard in Mendoza (Dreamstime)

Explore the best of Argentina’s award-winning wineries on this wine lover's tour of Mendoza and the Central Valley with Wexas Travel.

Based in either the Cavas Wine Lodge or Club Tapiz, you will spend three days visiting prestigious wineries, sampling locally sourced produce and soaking up local cultures. 

One highlight is the journey past Tupungato Volcano to the Uco Valley, where vast vineyards produce perfectly blended malbecs, tempranillos and sauvignons that are among the best in the world.

Trip: Mendoza’s Wineries

Who: Wexas Travel

When: Flexible dates throughout the year

How long: 3 days

How much: From £1,315 (inc. internal flights)

5: Walk amongst Patagonia’s giants

Peaks of Torres del Paine (Dreamstime)

Peaks of Torres del Paine (Dreamstime)

Want to experience the epic grandeur of the Patagonian Andes, but at a more gentle pace? Try this low-key trekking holiday with World Expeditions.

A series of day walks in Los Glaciares National Park will see you stay in comfortable lodges and trek to the base of Cerro Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre, the granite peaks that have inspired mountaineers and trekkers throughout the world. 

A fully supported 'W' trek will take you into the heart of Torres del Paine National Park. All the while, you’ll be accompanied by guanacos and other wildlife, and the occasional condor soaring overhead.

Trip: Paine & Fitz Roy Trek

Who: World Expeditions

When: Departures November-February

How long: 14 days

How much: From £4290 (inc. flights)

6: Encounter Argentina’s other-worldly north

Landscape in Northern Argentina (Dreamstime)

Landscape in Northern Argentina (Dreamstime)

Explore surreal landscapes and immerse yourself in traditional village life on this tour through Argentina’s enigmatic north with TravelLocal.

This journey will take you into the heart of the Humahuaca Gorge, a UNESCO-listed region renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and cultural artefacts. From multi-coloured mountains to giant salt-flats to village fiestas and traditional concerts, this is a trip that will introduce you to a side of Argentina very few visitors get to see.

Trip: Explore Salta & Jujuy

Who: TravelLocal

When: Flexible dates throughout the year

How long: 12 days

How much: £1,970 (exc. flights)

7: Horse riding and wildlife in the vast northern wetlands

A capybara in the Ibera wetlands (Dreamstime)

A capybara in the Ibera wetlands (Dreamstime)

Embrace Argentina’s timeless gaucho traditions and encounter its diverse wildlife on this nature-focused trip with Rainbow Tours.

After a few days of experiencing the cultural thrills of Buenos Aires, you’ll fly north to Posadas and the immense Ibera wetlands. 

This is ideal horseback riding country, with a vast array of wildlife and ecosystems, best seen from the saddle. The birdlife is incredible too, especially when you venture deep into the wetlands by boat. 

You’ll visit the San Ignacio Mini Jesuit Missions too, bringing an intriguing cultural element to the trip as well.

Trip: Argentina - Buenos Aires, Wildlife, Gauchos & Iguazu

Who: Rainbow Tours

When: Flexible dates throughout the year

How long: 10 days

How much: From £3,295 (inc. flights)

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