Photo Gallery: 18 incredible images of landscapes and wildlife, captured via drone

Drones can achieve incredible new perspectives. From whales, seals and humans to incredible cityscapes and natural wonders, these 18 pictures will help your imagination take flight…

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Although there’s a lot to learn about when you first start with drone photography, it’s hugely rewarding. These days, far from being the sole preserve of high-tech geeks or extreme sports enthusiasts it’s now become an accessible tool for a wide range of photography enthusiasts. 


Sailing dinghy in the Scilly Islands, UK (Fergus Kennedy)


Winter River in the Adirondack mountains, upstate New York, USA (Andy Deitsch)


Seals relaxing on sandbank offshore from Chatham, Massachusetts, USA (Andy Deitsch)


Colourful high rise buildings in Hong Kong (Andy Yeung)


Drone pilot executes a horizontal selfie on chalk cliffs of East Sussex coast, UK (Fergus Kennedy)


Coast fog cascades from cliff edge in West Bay, Dorset, UK (James Loveridge)


Beachy Head on Sussex coast, UK (Fergus Kennedy)


Southern Right Whale and calf off coast of Western Australia (Fredrik Christiansen / Murdoch University)


Crop triangle near Pretoria, South Africa (Eddie Oosthuizen)


Ruins of West Pier in Brighton, UK (Fergus Kennedy) 


Palau, Western Pacific Ocean (Andy Deitsch)


Solitary lighthouse on the Atlantic Coast of France (Fergus Kennedy)


Mudeford Spit and Christchurch Harbour, Dorset, UK (Fergus Kennedy)


Lancing College Chapel, West Sussex, UK (Fergus Kennedy)


Camels in the Empty Quarter of Oman (Miguel Willis)

Winter fog on Sussex coast, UK (Fergus Kennedy)


Morning light over Hudson River hits the Empire State Plaza in Albany, New York, USA (Andy Deitsch) 


Aerial shot of Santiaguito Volcano in Guatemala erupting (Felix Von Aulock)


All photos taken from Drone Photography And Video Masterclass by Fergus Kennedy, a new book from Ammonite Press (£16.99), out July and available to buy HERE and at good bookshops.

Fergus Kennedy is a marine biologist, photographer, and film-maker, and an experienced multi-rotor pilot and camera operator. Through his company Skylark Aerial Imaging, he provides aerial video, still photography and 3D modelling services to clients including the BBC, ABC Television, Canon Europe, Love Productions, WWF, and the Royal Navy.


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