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Crazy album covers from around the world

Celebrating wacky, weird and sometimes frightening album art from the four corners of the globe

Crazy album covers from around the world
Fish Album

1. Tavin Pumarejo and The Tuna Fish – Puerto Rico

It was the fish who had all the talent...

The Menace

2. The Menace – Hong Kong

The word 'menace' obviously has a completely different meaning in Hong Kong.

Tractor Polka

3. Interlake Polka Kings – Canada

Fast music, fast tractors...

Come To The Beach

4. Francisco and Fernando – Venezuela

You know what, boys? I think I'll stay inside and catch up with some reading.

Spaghetti Music

5. Claude Vasori – France

Music to vacation in Italy by. Apparently.

Safari Music

6. Petersen Brothers – South Africa

I think they've misunderstood the whole 'safari suit' thing.

The Rancheros

7. Wagons with the Fab Four – Mexico

Wagon not shown.


8. Music to Kick Box by – Thailand

I would never have guessed woodwind...

Kung Fu

9. Funky Soul Kung Fu – China

Putting the groove back into martial arts.

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