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Cool travel posters for places that don't really exist

Created in the style of classic posters from the 1920's, these posters will entice you to the mythical worlds of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones

Montage of travel posters (TheGreenDragonInn.etsy.com)
Rivendell Poster (www.TheGreenDragonInn.etsy.com)

Rivendell B&B

I wonder if Elrond cooks the fry-up?

Hogwarts Express poster (www.TheGreenDragonInn.etsy.com)

The Hogwarts Express

Finding platform 9 3/4 is the problem. 

The Wall poster (www.TheGreenDragonInn.etsy.com)

Beyond the Wall

Just get ready to pitch in when the White Walkers show up.

Lake Town poster (www.TheGreenDragonInn.etsy.com)

Lake Town

Heavy discounts available after Smaug's flying visit.

Rohan travel poster (www.TheGreenDragonInn.etsy.com)


Riding skills – in full armour –  essential.

Diagon Alley travel poster (www.TheGreenDragonInn.etsy.com)

Diagon Alley

For those who like to shop

Gondor travel poster (www.TheGreenDragonInn.etsy.com)


Go before Sauron's borders arrive.

King's Landing travel poster (www.TheGreenDragonInn.etsy.com)

King's Landing

But which King is it this week?

All of the above posters were used with kind permission from Etsy.com and The Green Dragon Inn. If you'd like your own copy, visit their online store

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