What to stuff your friend's stocking with this Christmas (Flickr: fourth photography)
List 21 November

9 stocking fillers for travellers

Wondering what to get your travel-loving friend for Christmas? From gear to gadgets here's what to stuff their stocking with

Stocking fillers for travellers1. Lost in translation

Point It – Traveller's Language Kit: £6.99, Stanfords

We've all been there: you're lost, it's dark and you can't speak a word of the local language. Here's where the Point It – Traveller's Language Kit comes in handy. A small, 72-page booklet containing over 1,300 pictures of anything you will ever need to ask. Simply find the picture for what you want to say, from food and transport to shopping and leisure. This compact booklet also features a small reference world map and printed ruler – just in case you ever need either.

If the person you're buying stocking fillers for, is heading around the world or to a remote destination, don’t forget this lifesaver.

Wanderlust readers can save 10% with Stanfords too – simply enter discount code 'WANDERLUST' at the checkout.

Sotcking fillers for travellers2. Keep jotting

Rite in the Rain Pocket Notebook: £6.50, Rohan

Ever been meticulously documenting your travels on the road only to get caught in a rain storm and see your words turn to a mushy, indecipherable pulp? Rite in the Rain’s Pocket Notebook is the answer. It has non-rip paper that won’t run or tear when wet – genius! The Pocket Notebook measures 4” x 6” and features a spiral binding at the top – so it’s possible to hold it in one hand and write with the other, without the need to rest the notebook on your knees or a flat surface. Perfect for travellers, outdoor enthusiasts or professionals working outdoors.

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Stocking fillers for travellers

3. Give the gift of Wanderlust

Christmas gift subscription: £30 (UK), Wanderlust

It's BACK and it's BETTER than ever before: for only £30 (UK) you can give someone ten issues of Wanderlust magazine, an inspiring copy of Around the World in 500 Festivals AND a free £50 travel voucher, valid for 12 months with over 25 UK tour operators.

Plus, if you want to treat yourself this Christmas, you can keep the book for yourself – shh, we won't tell! Preview the FREE book (worth £20) and find out more here.

Find out which UK tour operators are involved with the travel voucher scheme here.

Stocking fillers for travellers4. Power on the road...

Products and prices vary, PowerTraveller

Imagine you are huddled with other travellers and photographers on the Flight Deck, waiting for that moment when thousands of birds will take to the air in front of the rising sun. The moment is there, the perfect picture, but wait... your camera battery is drained. The point when your electronic devices, be it camera, phone or iPod, runs out of battery is every traveller's greatest nightmare.

Save your loved ones from having to remember all the different chargers, cables and adaptors on their next trip by giving them a portable power or solar charger this Christmas. PowerTraveller has a range of products available that allow travellers to charge all their essential devices without needing power from the mains. And, as an extra bonus, Wanderlust readers can receive an exclusive discount on PowerTraveller products. Enter 'WANDERLUST' at the checkout to receive 10% off your next purchase.

Stocking fillers for travellers5. Scratch your way around the world

Scratch Globe: £24.99, Stanfords

We've all heard of scratch maps but what about a scratch globe? Watch your travel itch convert to a scratch with Stanford's Scratch Globe. Revealing the world at your fingertips, this engaging globe is the perfect stocking filler for both young and old travel buffs. As you visit new and different places, scrape those regions off to reveal a multi-coloured version of the world, trip by trip. Plus use it as the perfect planner to decide where to head next. This globe is flat packed and ready to be assembled. It is recommended as a novelty item and fun gift for travel lovers who can personalise their world.

Stocking fillers for travellers6. Stay secure on the road

Travelproof Under Arm Wallet: from £13.50, Nomad Travel

It's important that passports, documents, credit cards and the other necessities of travel are kept safe while on the road. Under-the-top belts, ankle wraps and hidden compartments are all commonplace now, so hide your travel essentials in Nomad Travel's handy Under Arm Wallet instead.

Designed to sit flat against your body, it won't bulge – thus preventing any tell-tale signs that you're hiding your important documents under there.

Stocking fillers for travellers7. Don't forget a Hot Chick!

Hot Chick Hand Warmers: £5.99, Stanfords

Is your friend off to see the northern lights? Taking a cruise to spot polar bears? They need to take a pair of hot chicks with them... To keep their hands cosy and warm. Now, now! We're talking about Hot Chicks Penguin Hand Warmers. The heating pouch sits inside a furry penguin cover and can be used again and again.

Travellers looking to activate the heat simply locate the metal disc inside the pouch and bend between the fingers until it clicks. This will cause the gel to release heat and solidify. To recharge: wrap the pouch in a cloth and immerse in a pan of boiling water for 10-15mins. Simples!

From mini-globes to travel journals and accessories... While picking up the hot chicks, why not take a look at the other exciting stocking fillers Stanfords has to offer?

Stocking fillers for travellers8. Make your memories last

Photobooks: prices vary, Bob Books

Share your favourite travel memories with your loved ones with this personalised present. Bob Books offers an extensive range of photobooks that you can flip through to relive your favourite journeys, pic by pic. It couldn't be easier: download the software, organise your images and they’ll do the rest!

And, you've guessed it, Wanderlust readers can receive an exclusive 10% discount across all Bob Books' products, from calendars to coffee table photobooks. Simply enter promotional code 'WANDERLUST' at the checkout.

Stocking fillers for travellers9. Clumsy traveller?

Tech21 cases: prices vary, Amazon

If you're buying presents for a clumsy traveller, you can help them keep their gadgets safe on their next trip. Tech21's Impactology cases feature 'intelligent' impact protection – drop the device again and again... And again and the impact will be absorbed, offering optimum protection. The revolutionary, slim-fitting design in each Tech21 case provides full access to all the ports and functions of the phone including camera lens cut out. Made for iPhones, iPad minis and Samsung Galaxys, cases come in a range of colours and styles, including blue, pink, smokey and clear.

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