Hainan Airlines wearing new uniforms (Hainan Airlines)
Article 05 July 2017

Advertorial: Travel to the real China with Hainan Airlines

Take a flight into China's bountiful history, tradition and culture, from checking out the famous Terracotta Warriors to cruising the Yangtze river. It’s time to plan your own Chinese odyssey…

China is enormous in every way. A vast landscape, epic history and rapidly growing cities make it simultaneously travel’s oldest and newest destination. And with the recent launch of Hainan Airlines’ newly expanded daily route from Manchester to Beijing, unravelling its wealth of sights has never been easier. Not only that, even its new uniform evokes the very traditions you’ll be travelling in search of, meaning Hainan Airlines is perfectly placed (and dressed) to whisk you away on your very own Chinese odyssey.


Dressed to impress

Hainan Airlines' crew in new uniforms (Hainan Airlines).

With Hainan, your Chinese adventure begins as soon as you set foot on the plane. That feeling is embodied by its new uniform, which is laced with important elements of Chinese culture. Clouds are a prominent part of the country’s traditions, representing good fortune, and they feature just as prominently on the airline’s new uniforms, with intricate cloud patterns decorating the collars and rosy cloud designs garnishing the sleeves.

The new uniform also takes inspiration from a classic Chinese scene comprising mountains surrounded by surging waves, known traditionally as Hai Shui Jiang Ya. It’s a symbol of prosperity that was often carved in ancient architecture and now adorns the new dress’ skirt hem.


Bound for Beijing

Forbidden City, Beijing (Dreamstime)

Of course the best way to experience the new uniform’s inspiration is to see it for yourself – and Beijing is the perfect first port of call. It’s a city brimming with cultural heft, from imperial icons like the Forbidden City and Summer Palace. Just wandering its ancient hutong alleyways is a delight. These hum with busy locals and rickety bicycles, as the smell of freshly steamed jaozi (dumplings) scents the city air.

Alternatively, venture into the countryside and glimpse China’s greatest wonder, the Great Wall – a reminder this country offers more than just the treasures of its capital.


Covering all corners

Great Wall of China (Hainan Airlines)

Aside from Beijing, you can access many other parts of China thanks to Hainan Airlines’ raft of well-connected domestic flights. Fly to Xi’an, where the clay armies of its Terracotta Warriors stand, while it sits at a crossroads of culture fuelled by its Silk Road history. 

But other hubs offer experiences just as unique. Cruise the Yangtze from Chongqing, gorge on classic Cantonese cuisine in Guangzhou or stop by the pagoda-fringed West Lake at Hangzhou.

But it’s not just the stylish uniforms that catch the eye. Hainan Airlines’ wide network offers an easy way to discover a huge country rich in culture, history and unique travel experiences. So, book your ticket, hop on a flight and start your big adventure.


For more information, see www.hainanairlines.com. This article was paid for by Hainan Airlines. 

Main image: Hainan Airlines' staff wearing new uniforms (Hainan Airlines).

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