Green reads: 6 of the best sustainable travel books

We pick the books that are changing not just how and where we travel, but ask what we can do to help others – and the planet – along the way...

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Wanderlust – How to Travel Guilt Free: Essential Tips for Ethical Travellers

By Hazel Plush/Wanderlust

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the abundance of advice around sustainable travel, this easy-to-digest read cuts through the noise to provide 100 actionable tips. From planning and getting around to finding immersive experiences, there’s plenty to ponder, no matter where you’re travelling – even if we do say so ourselves. Learn which destinations have adopted eco-conscious measures, how to pack wisely, when to haggle and even how to purify drinking water while you’re on the move.

Sustainable Travel – The Essential Guide to Positive-Impact Adventures

By Holly Tuppen

“It’s evident that… sustainable travel is a journey,” explains ethical travel expert Holly. “It’s not something we are going to achieve or tick off; we just have to keep learning, adapting and inspiring others to do the same.” In looking at the complex effects of tourism on local communities and the environment, the author is able to lay out a blueprint for an alternative way of travel by pointing out sustainability-focused accommodation, operator itineraries and community-based initiatives around the world. The result is a comprehensive guide to thoughtful travel.

The Flightless Traveller

By Emma Gregg

No-fly expert Emma puts together 50 inspirational trip ideas, showcasing myriad ways to explore European and worldwide destinations without taking a plane. From short breaks navigating Copenhagen’s Michelin-starred restaurants by bike to mid-range itineraries hiking Spain’s Camino de Santiago trail, to bigger trips traversing Africa, this book teaches us how to view the journey as the adventure, making every trip count, no matter how big or small.

Unforgettable Journeys: Europe – Discover The Joys of Slow Travel

By various authors

A wealth of travel writers and experts come together to celebrate the world’s most spectacular slow-travel journeys by foot, bicycle, rail, road and water. Its inspiration comes in many forms, whether taking a train across the French Riviera or embarking on peaceful nature walks through the Estonian wilderness, all are glossily documented in true coffee-table-book fashion.

Zero Altitude

By Helen Coffey

Part memoir, part guide on how to plan enticing flight-free trips within Europe and beyond, Zero Altitude takes you on several overland journeys through the lens of travel writer Helen, including London to Morocco by train and slow boat. Interwoven among the nuanced journeys are interviews with local people and useful information on the transport and places that are mentioned. An honest depiction of the joys, pains and empowerment of slow travel.

The Responsible Traveller

By Karen Edwards

This pocket-sized guide by Wanderlust’s sustainability editor uses case studies to show how tourism impacts communities, the environment and wildlife around the world. Learn how to identify genuine offsetting schemes – and better still, reduce your carbon footprint in a more powerful way. It also tackles what questions to ask wildlife operators before booking and how to give back to host communities in a way that truly makes a difference.

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