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5 awesomely kitsch souvenirs

Tacky souvenir collector Doug Lansky showcases five terribly tasteless pieces

5 awesomely kitsch souvenirs

Bin Laden t-shirtBin Laden junior terrorist T-Shirts

Standard-issue for undercover Al-Qaeda operatives. Perfect unsuspicious way for terrorists to recognise each other in a crowd. Also great for kids! Collect all your favorite terrorists.

Where: Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia Photo: Søren Stilling

Koosh BirdBlue Koosh Ball Bird brings out your love for Sweden

Move over IKEA, Volvo and Abba... the blue bird-shaped koosh ball is the new symbol of Sweden. Just stare into its big, soul-searching, rubbery eyes and you'll soon be declaring your love for this Nordic land 

 Where: Stockholm, Sweden Photo: Doug Lansky

Melancholic Polish dragon

What better way to capture your memories of Poland than with this slightly depressed and confused dragon?

Where: Krakow, Poland Photo: Malgorzata Kistryn

Brandenburg PastaTaste the Freedom of Brandenburg-Gate-Shaped pasta

Feel the rush of Cold War carbohydrates running through your colander as you prepare your Brandenberg-Gate-Shaped pasta.

Where: Berlin, Germany Photo: Doug Lansky


Porcelain TileFamily friendly clothes-on porcelain tiles

This traditional blue and white Delft tile will have your house guests leaning in for a closer look.

Where: The Netherlands Photo: Kimberly Williams

These tacky souvenirs first appeared on Doug Lansky's website, www.tackysouvenirs.com. Doug is always on the look out for new content and suggests that a free and fun way to spend 10 minutes during your next layover is to try to spot the tackiest souvenir in the airport.  Take a photo and share it with others who will appreciate the ultra-kitsch by uploading to his website.

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