9 strange snacks from around the world

Feeling a bit peckish? Here's a selection of snacks guaranteed to curb your appetite

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1. Fish and chip gelato, Australia

Would you like vinegar with that?

Candied Crabs

2. Candied crabs, Japan

Tiny whole crabs, deep-fried in sugar. Perfect beer food, apparently.

Wasabi and Cheese doughnut

3. Wasabi cheese doughnuts, Singapore

The reason you rarely see a fat policeman in Singapore.

Deep fried tarantula

4. Fried tarantula, Cambodia

Who knew pest control could be so tasty?

Salted plums, China

5. Salted plums, China

They'll keep you regular, alright. But what about your blood pressure?

Wasabi Kit Kat

6. Wasabi Kit Kat, Japan

The Japanese prefer their wasabi in chocolate bars.

Ants Eggs

7.  Ants eggs, Mexico

Known as escarole, eaten in tacos. Strangely filling.

Dried Cuttlefish

8. Dried cuttlefish, South Korea

A popular cinema snack in South Korea, though the legs can be a bugger to find in the dark.

Roasted Ants

9. Roasted ants, South America

You can pop them like peanuts and they're an aphrodisiac as well. What more could you want from a snack?

What's the strangest thing you've eaten overseas? Let us know below...

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