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8 hilarious menu fails from around the world

A selection of unfortunately-named dishes you may want to avoid. Bon appetit!

8 hilarious menu fails from around the world

1. Roasted husband

Where you end up if you stay out too late drinking with your mates in China.

Crap Stick

2. Crap stick

Everywhere else in the world, it's an expression of disappointment. 


3. Whatever

For those who like to dine dangerously.

4. Rotten child

Where all the naughty children end up. With the cat's ears.

5. Time sex coffee

What time is it?

6. Stupid beans

So much tastier than smart ones.

7. Potato the crap

As in the famous Chinese saying 'Potato the crap out of it.' But I'm more intrigued by how water fries the potato.

8. Wang had to burn

Notoriously tasteless when left uncooked.

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