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5 wonderfully wacko children's cartoons from North Korea

The animation may be a bit shaky but the message to the children of North Korea is clear – the rest of the world is out to get us and it's up to you to stop them.

Very odd childrens cartoons from North Korea (dreamstime_s_15423480)

The one where a soldier cat shows a civilian cat that the only way to deal with mice is to mash and slash them

The one where an evil American plan to drop voracious bugs on North Korean crops is thwarted by ever vigilant pest controllers.

The one where a North Korean schoolboy realizes that the only way to beat the Americans is with geometry

The one where North Korean potatoes save the day by fighting off bugs and blight using karate. But end up as chips anyway.

The one where the crazy RPG-totting frog and his praying mantis girlfriend don’t rest until every bug threatening crops has been nuked.

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