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5 travel habits to give up for Lent

It's pancake day today and tomorrow is the start of Lent... But what will you give up? Chocolate? Sleeping-in? Why not give up one of your bad travel habits?

Pancake day is here, so what will you give up for lent? (Cara Photography)

1. Free alcohol on flights

Wanderlust's travel GP, Dr Jane Wilson-Howarth, says it's never a good idea, “If you are on a long-haul journey and render yourself legless with alcohol you're much more likely to suffer from DVT (deep vein thrombosis).”

We know it's free, but seriously, stick to the juice and water and head for the bar when you arrive safely on land.

2. Travelling without insurance

“I'm only going on a short trip, I'll be fine without insurance – won't I?”

We wouldn't bet on it, it's just not worth the risk. Stop travelling without adequate insurance during lent and you'll find your trips are less worrisome and more relaxed.

You won't be constantly looking over your shoulder, hoping nothing bad happens, hoping you don't fall ill and worrying your flights aren't cancelled.

Remember you can now buy travel insurance with Wanderlust and InsureandGo from as little as £6 so there's no reason not to have insurance anymore.

3. Eating dodgy Delhi-belly inducing foods

Trying local cuisine is one of the pleasures of travel... But even those undercooked pork skewers sizzling at the side of a dirty road?

We think lent is the perfect time to give up those foods which we know we'll regret munching on the morning after.

Remember too that when eating fruit, wash and peel it yourself, and avoid fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, tomatoes and lettuce in places with poor water sanitation.

Follow these simple food tips for lent and your overall travel health will be much better.

4. Not having adequate sun protection

In the UK in 2008, around 10,000 people were diagnosed with malignant melanomas, a potentially deadly type of skin cancer.

That golden tan just isn't worth the risk, is it? Those who brown themselves by the pool with oils and creams are not the only offenders... Make sure when you're in the sun, whether hiking, exploring, swimming or driving, to always have adequate sun cream on (15 SPF or higher), cover your head from direct sunlight and keep fluid consumption up.

5. Complaining

We may all be offenders of this one... Ever been to a destination and complained it was just too hot, to return home and complain the UK is too cold and gloomy?

Or moaned about the heaviness of your luggage while surrounded by people living in poverty with next to nothing?

Or even grumbled about the state of your accommodation, when the locals' is even worse?

It seems that some of us are never happy – but we should try to be a little more grateful for the opportunities we have to travel the world.

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