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2014's best blogs of the week

Who is this year's best travel blogger? The winner of our 2014 Blog of the Week competition will be announced in January. In the meantime, here are 7 of our favourites...

Uluru by motorcycle (David Hoffman)

1. The Ultimate Guide to Uluru – David Hoffman

Everything you need to know about Australia's most iconic site – from how 'The Rock' was formed, to ways of visiting it without offending the local Anangu people.

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Berber donkey (Sara Trajanova)

2. My life as a Berber – Sabina Trojanova

What is it like to stay with a local family in Morocco? Do you get a deeper understanding of the country and its culture? Sabina Trojanova reveals all after she stays with a Berber family at the foot of the Atlas mountains. Includes a video of her adventures.

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Cambodian circus (Brendan Lee)

3. The Cambodian circus that saves lives – Brendan Lee

Quite by chance, Brendan Lee came across a circus in Siem Reap, set up to help street kids turn their lives around. He also discovered it was really rather good.

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Cycling in France (Chris Goodman)

4. 6 tips for crossing the Massif Central by mountain bike – Chris Goodman

Chris Goodman conquered France's mighty mountain range, the Grand Traversee du Massif Central, on mountain bike. Here he reveals six vital tips that can help you perform this mighty feat too.

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Nachos (Emma Fry)

5. Why Guatemala is the perfect destination for vegans – Emma Fry

Vegans have a hard time when they travel. Most places can kind-of get their heads around vegetarianism, but beyond that they are at a loss. Not so in Guatemala, says Emma Fry. She discovers a country with ready-made vegan-friendly cuisine.

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Gorée Island, Senegal (Kathryn Burrington)

6. Memories of Gorée Island in Senegal  – Kathryn Burrington

When Kathryn Burrington visited Senegal's notorious slave trading port at Gorée island, she was delighted to find hope and joy where there was once great brutality.

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Agistri, Greece (Chloe Lloyd)

7. Island hopping in Greece: 50 minutes to paradise – Chloe Lloyd

Fancy an idyllic island experience, less than an hour away from Athens? Chloe Lloyd discovers a place that's a quick boat ride away from the bustling Greek capital that ticks all the boxes.

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This is just a small selection of the fantastic blogs we've featured on Blog of the Week this year. Choose your favourite here.

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