Mokoro Magic

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  • 9th August by bilbo_baggins

    Looks like a witch doctor to me! Did you go to the Zim side of the falls?

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  • 9th August by Taniya

    Hi Bilbo_baggins,

    Thanks for your comments. No didn't go to the Zim side of the Vic Falls. My daughter has just spent 3 weeks travelling in Zim and of the 20 countries covered so far on her trip, she says Zim is the best yet and says anyone who can should visit the place!

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  • 9th August by bilbo_baggins

    You're right about Africa - it kind of gets into your soul, and whenever I return I feel as though I am home. Shame about the politics :(

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  • 22nd August by Duma

    striking fella!

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