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About me: Been traveling for 20 years this year, started in 94 with a 3 month trip to South Asia, and never looked back. Mostly into photography, food and history.
Location: Leiden, Netherlands
Occupation: Senior Service Delivery Manager
Member since: 20th January 2011
Last trip: India
Next trip: Moldova & Transnistria
Destinations visited: 71
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Galleries: 41
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Posts: 348

The world according to mattyboy876

Mountain/Desert/Ocean/Jungle... which one are you?
Mountains are my favourite..I live in the Netherlands so mountains always make me feel like I'm a long way from home...Deserts are a close second.

What was your first great travel experience?
Landing in Kathmandu and taking my first walk around the city. It was my first proper trip overseas, so was totally green in terms of understanding what developing countries felt like. It felt like I had stepped back in time, a wonderful feeling, which has kept me obsessed about travel ever since.

What has been your favourite journey?
My favourite journey was around India for 5 months in 97, such a privilege to have that long a time on holiday.

What are your Top 5 places worldwide?
India (been 10 times now) Syria (the people and the ruins) Nepal (Annapurna circuit (in 94 before the roads arrived, still ranks as the best thing I ever did) Georgia (Great food, wine and people) Iran (Amazing people, and stunning buildings and scenery)

Recommend a special place to stay
Wadi Mujub chalets on the dead sea, Jordan and Malayam lake resort in Allepehy, Kerala...both 5* locations with 1* prices.

Which three items do you always pack?
Sleeping bag inner & a bottle of NZ Pinot noir and two travel wine glasses

Which passport stamp are you proudest of?
Iran I guess...but wasn't too difficult to get.

Which passport stamp would you most like to have?
Yemen, may have to wait for a while for that.

Where or what is your guilty travel pleasure?
I normally take a nice bottle of NZ Pinot Noir with me, and we drink it when we have found a lovely spot to sit down with a picnic and have it.

Window or aisle?
Window, can't keep my eyes off the landscapes below.

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