My 100-word experience. Fear is a wet place

30th December
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Sweaty palmed, spread-eagled against the bus awaiting the search, nervously eyeing the soldiers. Balls of sweat gather speed and mass thundering down my spine. I feel I could drown in

Sweaty palmed, spread-eagled against the bus awaiting the search, nervously eyeing the soldiers. Balls of sweat gather speed and mass thundering down my spine. I feel I could drown in them. Rough hands grope my ankles, spread to the crotch and up under my arms. Thud! I hit the ground to a guttural roar, a jackboot rammed into the small of my back, a cold rifle muzzle prodding the nape of my neck. An embarrassing damp patch suddenly appears whilst I plead; "Please, pleeeease don't shoot me!"

An officer rolls up my t-shirt and finds it - an underarm holster moneybelt.

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  • 30th December by Simon Ward

    Well done Fintown. Sometimes less really is more. And don't worry about my sanity - I'm a longaways from demented... Particularly as I'm about to head away.

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  • 30th December by ttbko

    holy s*** fin, is this a true story?????  what a hideous experience!  it definately ranks up there with rhoda1's car smash!  when i read your enquiry about whether i'd be pleased if you became a man of few words my instant reaction was NNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!. However, having read this, I'm feeling really mixed!  You still tell a damn fine story, however many words you use! 

    Take it easy mate, enjoy the New Year and then, the new year.... Px

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  • 30th December by Fintown Trekker

    Tks Pam - 1st in as often. And yes, without adding too many more words, that is most definitely a true story. Probably worth mentioning alright but there were only 100 words!! Happy New Year to you also....

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  • 30th December by Rhoda1

    [expletive]!  Not surprised you [expletived] yourself!  Glad you survived to tell the tale.

    Interesting exercise, isn't it, being restricted to 100 words.  Makes you weigh each word carefully - and if there's a repetition, there really has to be a repetition!

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  • 30th December by darrenlep

    Wonderfuly put experiance, something you´ll forever remember ! You´ve one up on me now !!   So was this Venezuela ?

    I´m in Nicaragua at the moment, only 3 days in, but already love it. The people are so friendly, and you may wonder where I´ll be spending New years eve ?  Up a volcano camping hopefully if enough people get signed up!!   part of 2 day trek, taking in 2 volcanoe´s & a visit to a mountain lake high up there too,  perfect for swimming.

    I´ll write an experiance about it if it comes off. Happy new year to you Fintown, keep up the good work. D

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  • 31st December by Helen Bamber

    So you finally managed it!  Impressed!  Though I'd never like to experience such a thing myself. 

    Closest I've been is one of the guards from North Korea getting cuddled by t'other half (yes really, sat down next to him on the train and cuddled him!)  Then the guard decided to search my bag...thankfully, with all the joys of Chinese loos, the top thing in my bag was a toilet roll...and the guard decided to regain his sense of humour!

    Happy New Year FT x

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  • 31st December by pam bowers

    Sometimes I wonder if I am not judging the content rather than the writing, but in this case I am confident I have got the five stars right, because both content and writing are spot on! - and I will take a look at your Nam/Bots bits and photos, cheers!


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  • 31st December by Angela R

    Wow!  As so often with these cryptic 100 worders I want to know more.  It is quite a discipline writing in 100 words but somehow I found it easier because I knew I couldn't ramble and had to be succinct.  Thank God for "word count".  A real good one.

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  • 31st December by Fiona Bladon

    ***scarey indeed! Where did this happen?

    yes, agree with the others, 100 word restriction makes for a very interesting (and probably quite educational) exercise!

    Also, I'm getting addicted to this website, and household chores, work, preparing for New Year celebrations, etc are suffering badly!!!

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  • 3rd January by Rhoda1

    Thought FT's name was Joseph.  Where did Leslie come from?

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  • 31st December by steve48

    Fantastic, Fintown. I always think borders are special places when it comes to experiences - waiting/suspense/tension/danger - you've got it all here. Great stuff. I, too, would love to know which border. Cheers.

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  • 31st December by katela

    Crikey! Where on earth was that?

    Glad you lived to tell the tale (in exactly 100 excellent words).

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  • 1st January by Traveldeva

    Compulsive reading, Fintown. Do we need to cross this destination off our wish to visit list??

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  • 2nd January by Alan Taylor

    Great stuff - it seems you are definitively Fintown where you live rather than Trekker which you are, Leslie, but so be it.  Looking forward to the next hundred words.

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  • 3rd January by Alan Taylor

    Fintown has asked me explain the comment above.  We all know that ttbko is Pam from Devon - and call her Pam not Devon.  I simply meant that the Trekker from Fintown ought be Trekker rather than Fintown.  (And what's wrong with Leslie anyway?)  But it's too late for all that now.  Please stop worrying and keep writing!


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  • 3rd January by Tarkaman

    Dear Leslie Joseph, What the? The Fin is guilty as heck! I can feel it as I read it, stashing soggy money in the pit. Search him again officer and don't spare the boot -

    oh, on second thoughts officer, this 100 worder is rather good; better let him go then, I would like to read some more like  this later!  Have a great New year and don't spare the words. cheers Ian (the Norfolk Nogin)

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  • 4th January by ttbko

    ok!  all is becoming revealed!  i hadnt appreciated the name thing was quite such entertainment... well, fin/trek/leslie/joseph/joe, there is no chance on earth i will divulge the origins of "ttbko" unless someone guesses it correctly.  however, on the subject of revealing mysteries, there are a growing number of contributors here who want to know where to avoid in order not to be able to share this experience, any chance you might tell?  P

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  • 4th January by Rhoda1

    Leslie is your friend, I now know - and btw my connection time has zooooooooomed off the scale, it's now so fast.  (New computer!)

    ttbko?  I reckon the words 'knickers' or 'kit' and 'off' feature in there somewhere ...  (Hope I've not offended any prudes on the site to get me reported for 'inappropriate' language!)

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  • 6th January by Alan Taylor

    This is absolutely wonderful.  I switch off for 48 hours and come back to this exchange.  No apologies!

    Sorry about Leslie, but it stirred up some good stuff.  There's nothing wrong with Joseph either - it's one of the names I don't use.

    And I'd rather assumed it was Take Those B****y Knickers Off - but perhaps like Rhoda I'm getting close to causing offence.  Treat it as a little local exuberance.

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  • 17th November by hmoat 01

    Ha! None of your blarney on not being capable of writing in 500 words! Look at this at 100 words. Great piece of writing.

    All this talk of Narnin and Portnoo really gets the memory going. We used to walk over to that island a lot. I had no idea it was so dangerous, although we were very aware of the need to keep an eye on the tide.

    There is also a ruined church on the island, if I remember correctly? I must go back with my children one day.

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  • 17th November by hmoat 01

    or Narin...

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