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    Thailand, again

    Didn't have any responses yet -- so I thought I would ask again.  I am going to Thailand on September 24 - Andaman and Samui.  Has anyone been there in the last week who could comment on the situation and whether any flights have been delayed?

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    Posted 17 September 08


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    I wish I had been, so sorry can't help you. Have a great time !

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    Posted 17 September 08
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    I replied Julia! :) The state of emergency has now been lifted and all flights seem to be operating as normal (apart from Nok Air announcing that it's grounding all flights to Phuket), so fingers crossed you'll be fine. Just check with your airline(s) before you leave. Obviously the situation is fluid out there so keep an eye on the news as well.

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    Simon Ward

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    Posted 18 September 08
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    Hi Julia, my parents have just returned from a Bangkok and Samui (20 minutes ago!) and they had a fantastic time! No flight problems, no other problems. They would recommend Ang Thon Marine Park and Long Island Iced Teas from the beach bars! Keep an eye on developments, but things seemed to fine on the ground there according to them

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    Sarah Baxter

    31 post | 43 responses

    Posted 19 September 08

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