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    Roadtrip Tales to Share?

    As regulars on the forum know, and as featured in Wanderlust in November, I've set up a website, which covers all aspects of driving yourself whilst travelling.

    I've added a 'Roadtrip Tales' page with the aim of sharing any interesting tales from users relating to driving abroad. Knowing what a creative bunch we have on the site, I wondered whether anyone has any experiences I could use?

    They can be as long or short as you like, and if you have any photos to accompany the words, I'll post those too. If anyone has an interesting tale to tell you can send it me via the contact page on the website.

    By the way, I'm now down to 15 countries where it doesn't seem possible to rent a car and drive yourself. So if anyone has managed to do that in any of the following, please let me know!

    Obviously, at present Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia are probably not sensible self-drive destinations

    Bermuda forbids visitors from driving so thats a non starter.

    Burma - Some confusion on whether its legal for foreigners to drive but I was unable to locate a rental company

    Bhutan - Its possible to rent a car in India and drive to Bhutan, but I couldn't find a rental company in the country.

    Democratic Republic of Congo -All the big international rental companies operate in DRC but at present all seem to only offer cars with a driver.

    Liberia - Unable to find anyone who would rent a car to a foreigner

    Nauru- Its a tiny Island so possibly there are no rental options?

    Nepal - Sixt have an office but make you take a driver at present

    Nigeria- Technically self drive is possible...but no one seems
    willing to allow a foreigner to take a car without a driver. I located a
    travel agent who said they may be able to arrange car rental depending
    on the state of law and order in the country, but so far I have been
    unable to find a rental company.

    North Korea- I'd be impressed if someone came up with a car rental company here, or escaped your Government minder to drive anywhere alone!

    Tajikistan - I struggled to find anyone offering self drive. Even travel companies seemed unable to help.

    Turkmenistan - I've been told by an Ashgabat based travel agency
    that self drive is currently 'forbidden' in Turkmenistan. Not sure if
    thats official as with Bermuda or just that its frowned upon so no one
    does it.

    Vietnam (North) - Budget have a branch in Saigon and seem to allow self drive, but I've drawn a blank in the North of the country

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    Posted 20 January 12


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    I have a number of roadtrip tales since roadtrips are how i like to travel.  i'll apply my mind to writing them in a fashion that may be interesting to someone else.

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    Posted 22 January 12
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    Great, thanks ttbko, look forward to reading them!

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    Posted 23 January 12
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    just spotted this missed the November posting but made me thisnk of a couple of trips - will get to it soon...........

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    Posted 26 January 12

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