Wanderlust Travel Photo of the Year Entries (Amateur)

These are the current amateur entries into the 2019 Wanderlust Travel Photo of the Year competition. You can see the entries into the particular categories by clicking on the relevant category below.

There are 34 entries in total

Gerry Stephenson


Laura Mcdaid

Pathos zoo cyprus

Connie Yeung

Grey Squirrel peeping out of a hole in a tree.

Andrew Smiddy

The Roar Of The Leopard

Andrew Smiddy

The Roar of The Leopard

Julia Pollock

Kitten in the souk

Ron Tear

The limb of a Macaque

Elisha Donkin

Lion in the Serengeti

Claire Voyle

Baby Gorilla

Claire Voyle

Gorilla in the Mist

Claire Voyle

Morning light

Claire Voyle

Playful Cubs

Fraser Mackay


Fraser Mackay

In Argentina

Fraser Mackay

Whale watching

Nick Clay

3 Toed Sloth in Costa Rice

Richard Saunders

Spider Wasp & Victim

Nicol Nicolson

Flamboyant puffin in profile

Ian Yates

Mud bath time.

Sergio Capuzzimati

Resting on the ghat

Jason Duckworth

Sunset Perdido Key Fl

Jason Duckworth

Lone Flight

Jason Duckworth

Sunset Escambia Bay Fl

Robin Neale

This is really big !

Robin Neale

Dinner !

Massimiliano Reginelli

iguana on bonaire

Michelle Jade

Baby bunny dwarfed by a peanut flower

Michelle Jade

Bunny has a sweet tooth

Fallon Roocke

Banana Drunk

Adriana Radu-Zaharescu

King Penguins

Sourav Mahant

Finding home

Sourav Mahant

Relaxing in her home.

Sourav Mahant


Nicol Nicolson

Flamboyant Puffin, Lunga, Scotland

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