November 2008

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Rebuilding the Seychelles

The scenic former leper colony island of Curieuse is a sanctuary for local wildlife – and for visitors who can relish in its tranquil charms

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Olympic losers?

So the 2008 Beijing Olympics has ended to great acclaim, and China has proved beyond all doubt that in a world of global powers, it is a player, a contender and a winner.

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Malaria: take pills, not risks

Research offers hope for treatment - but prevention is better than cure, says Dr Jane Wilson-Howarth

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Get creative with your compact camera – top 5 tips

You don’t need an expensive SLR camera to take an impressive shot. The results from compacts can be just as good – see our top tips to improve your shots

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Volunteering: dealing with culture shock

You want to volunteer – but are you prepared for the reality of living and working in a different culture?

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The world according to... Tony Hawks

We find out what sort of travller Tony Hawks is...

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The world according to... Charlotte Uhlenbroek

We find out what sort of traveller Charlotte Uhlenbroek is...

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A conversation with Bruce Parry

Bruce Parry talks about exploring the spectacular, controversial and endlessly varied Amazon

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6 ultimate Arctic adventures

Want a real winter this year? Head north to Alaska for polar bears, husky-sledding and glorious, ice-bound wilderness

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Bunking down with the bears in Nunavut, Canada

Northern Canada's wilderness is one of the best places to see bears frolicking in their own pristine, snow-drizzled habitat

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A visit to Mongolia's Gobi desert

Home to ger-dwelling nomads, dinosaur bones and the ghosts of Genghis Khan, Mongolia's great desert is surprisingly rich in attractions. An award-winning local guide showed Lyn Hughes around

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A labyrinthe weekend in Tangier, Morocco

Get lost inside the maze of the medina and discover the hidden secrets of this historic and cosmopolitan African resort

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Discovering the charms of Romania's heartland

Thanks to tradition and communism, Transylvania is an old fashioned land full of bears, wolves and shepherds with a strong sense of tradition

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Welcome to my neighbourhood: free local tours around the world

From Argentina to Adelaide, a band of passionate volunteer tour guides are aching to show you around their hometowns – for free. Deborah Vernon signs up

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