June/July 2008

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96 June/July 2008

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Hospital holiday

A trip to warmer climes used to be a cure for all ills, but the financial reality of modern medical care is making overseas treatment a very real alternative

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Money savers: Pre-trip planning

Money, money, money... it might be a rich man’s world but there are plenty of ways of getting more for your moolah. Here we help you with pre-trip planning

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Money savers: flights

The cost of flights is often the biggest outlay of your trip. But the airline world is a confusing one, here we offer advice on how make sense of it all

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A guide to filming your travels

It's never been easier to create your own professional-looking travel films. Here we offer tips for both first-timers and aspiring Attenboroughs

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Money savers: accomodation

You don't have to sleep in a hostel to save cash. Know how to haggle, where to book and when to book and you could be sleeping in luxury for less

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Money savers: when you're there

You've booked your flights, bought your insurance and reserved your hotel - but there are still plenty of savings to be made

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Kate Humble Interview

Normally we see Kate Humble among the bluebells and badgers presenting Spring Watch. Here, she talks about filming The Hottest Place on Earth in Ethiopia

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Peering behind the Iron Curtain, 1989

When communism collapsed, state by state, in 1989, young Canadian Rory MacLean was among the first travellers to venture into the world’s newest democracies

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Blowing with the blues

Mark Carwardine has a whale of a time in Mexico

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Green Season in Botswana's Okavango Delta

November to April may be low season in the Okavango Delta, but they can offer a truly unique experience: lush plains, plentiful wildlife and budget prices

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Travel Icon: Halong Bay

This Vietnam hotspot may be a popular tourist destination, but there are still secret spots to be discovered if you can find the right guide

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Europe by train: the alternative Orient Express

Travelling by train on the traditional route from Paris to Turkey isn't just about sterling silver and tuxedos. It doesn't need to be murder, either

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The many sides of Hawaii

A trip to America's island archipelago to discover the 'real' Hawaii throws up a conundrum – in a land of many cultures, what is 'real'?

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A camping and hiking weekend in Norway

A trip to Lysefjord – the ‘Fjord of Light' – throws up some great hiking, and even greater views

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Letting your hair down in Belgrade

Serbia's capital has moved on from the wars that decimated it, leaving a regenerating city of people who are always ready to party

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