April/May 2008

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Are we all tourists now?

Can 'travellers' still claim the higher moral ground, or have we all become *gasp* tourists?

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Stephen Fry – an endangered species?

Mark Carwardine discovers the Amazon isn't so 'arlmess while on location for his latest TV programme

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Just a scratch?

Mentioning rabies can strike fear into many a heart. Dr Jane Wilson-Howarth debunks the myths and offers practical advice

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An alternative honeymoon: Martha Gellhorn, 1941

Everyone's wrapped up in Prince William and Kate's wedding; we'd prefer to know about the honeymoon. Here's one we don't think they'd want to go on...

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7 Alternative-Thailand unmissables

Thought Thailand was full of package holidays and beach loungers? You couldn't be more wrong: here are 7 unmissables for your next trip

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Travel Icon: The Nile

Any trip down the eponymously renowned river that flows through the heart of Egypt makes you feel like you're a world – and an age – away

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Stella Marsden's chimpanzee reserve, Gambia

Lyn Hughes takes a trip through River Gambia National Park in search of rehabilitated chimpanzees

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Walking with the reindeer in Arctic Sweden

A trek along a reindeer migration route may be wet, cold and muddy, but it's also an invigorating taste of a traditional Scandinavian lifestyle

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A cavernous weekend in Basilicata

A walking tour of the instep of Italy's boot throws up a world of underground delights and more than a little religious enlightenment

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A cultured weekend in Dresden

In the heart of Germany, a mix of the old and new makes for an ideal short trip and a wealth of opportunities for exploration

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Chimpanzee sanctuary in The Gambia

In the lush and little-visited interior of The Gambia, a remarkable woman created a safe haven for maltreated chimpanzees

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Travel blueprint: alternative Thailand

Yes, the water is shimmering turquoise, the food toothsome and travel cheap – but there’s so much more to South-East Asia’s most popular country

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Shooting photographs in the jungle

Entering the rainforest needs preparation: the equipment, clothes and medicine. A great shot inside takes good planning too

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