August/September 2007

Issue number: 89

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Great Bear Rainforest, Canada; The Hippie Trail today; Golden Ages of Travel; Liveaboards, Maldives; Trekking, Morocco; Island-hopping, New York; Coimbra, Portugal; Hiking near Helsinki, Finland; Guide to travel insurance, Cycle Central Europe; World's top cycling destinations; Travel blueprint: Bolivia

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The other Burma dilemma: pros and cons of conservation

Deciding where – and how – funding for wildlife preservation is placed is fraught with pitfalls, as a trip to Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park shows

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Epic scenery and fascinating tribes - so why is the US such a travel taboo?

There's a weird sort of inverse snobbery when someone says they're travelling to North America. But why, when it's a country with so many charms?

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Have you heard the health news?

Handy advice on travel health, as well as taking a look at new products to hit the pharmacy shelves

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Small fry meet big fish

Other than actually finding Nemo – Reefworld is possibly the most exciting underwater adventure for any child under 10

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Cross-dressing in Samoa

From the centre of Samoan families to raucous beauty pageants, Paul Miles shows us a glimpse into the life of a Samoan fa’afafine

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Spirited away: Spirit Bears in Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest

Mark Carwardine embarks on a mission to spot the near-white spirit bears in Canada's Great Bear Rainforest in Victoria, British Columbia

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An island-hopping weekend in New York City

Top class seafood and salsa dancing on the beach; Wanderlust sheds some light on some of New York's lesser known island gems

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A fado weekend in Coimbra, Portugal

Alex Robinson enjoys a weekend of fado, doomed romance and Baroque architecture in Portugal's former capital

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A wilderness weekend in Finland

Get away from it all with a weekend break to Finland and explore the tranquility of the Nuuksio National Park

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Border hopping by bicycle

Jeremy Head hops on his bike and discovers what Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia have to offer...

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The world's greatest cycle tours

Be it Guatemala or Japan, Sarah Elliott takes a look at some of the top cycling holidays that you shouldn’t miss out on

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