April/May 2007

Issue number: 87

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Algeria; Horseriding, Iceland; Taiwan; Flying, the facts; Latin American trains; Raft the Zambezi, Zambia; Rhinos in Assam, India; Evia, Greece; Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

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An unforgettable encounter in the Impenetrable Forest

Meeting mountain gorillas in Uganda may not only be an extraordinary experience - it may be their best chance for survival

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Georgia: the country everyone thinks is a US state

Wanderlust uncovers Stalin's roots in the lesser known Georgian town of Gori, and discovers how anonymity can be a blessing and a curse for tourist destinations

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Rediscovering Algeria: a journey to the 'Gateway of the Sahara'

Algeria was once a mecca for writers and artists. A century later - after a series of wars - travellers are starting to return, but will they still be inspired?

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Horse latitudes

As winter sets in on Iceland, Jasper Winn hopped on a horse and rode to the mountains

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Made in Taiwan: Hi-tech temptations and majestic mountains

From non-stop Taipei city to a majestically mountainous interior, Wanderlust explores the island that's more Chinese than China

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To fly or not to fly?

We all know the truth: flying is bad for the environment. But is that really the truth? Here our expert offers advice, and answers those vital questions

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A trek with the Gods in Evia

Indulge in some seafood, take a dip in the blue sea and climb a mountain, all on Karystos

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Rhinos in Assam’s Kaziranga National Park

Assam’s Kaziranga National Park is a stronghold for Indian one-horned rhinos. They share the park with elephants, swamp deer, sloth bears and nearly 500 species of birds

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The last great Latin rail journeys

While European trains are rattling along new high-speed routes, many of South America's are heading for the sidings, but they are classics

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South Pacific travel blueprint: 4 breathtaking itineraries

Boasting vibrant culture, delicious food and over 7,500 idyllic and intriguing islands, the South Pacific is so much more than just a palm-fringed paradise

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