March 2007

Issue number: 86

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Wanderlust Travel Awards 2007; Stylish stays, Luang Prabang; Maori New Zealand; Secret Panama; Ladakh on two wheels; Escape to Annecy; Spring walk, Cornwall; Continent hopping, Istanbul; Travel blueprint: Croatia; Angola overland; Wanderlust Photo of the Year winners

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As one river dolphin dies out, can we still save the others?

We must learn from the extinction of the ‘goddess of the Yangtze'

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Dark dealings and bright ideas in Cairo's medieval quarter

Carolyn McIntyre gives an insiders perspective on some of the issues surrounding the restoration of Old Cairo

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Maori New Zealand

Explore the alternative side to Auckland and around on a wilderness trek with the local Maori

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Panama's hidden depths

Delve into Panama's chequered past – conquistadors and buccaneers – as well as discovering the wildlife its hidden Galapagos

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A thoroughly French weekend in Annecy

Piers Letcher fills up on fromage and tartiflette in the picturesque town of Annecy

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A spring walk in Cornwall

Jim Manthorpe finds that to avoid the crowds on the Cornish coastal path, the secret is to go in spring

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A continent-hopping weekend in Istanbul

Mark Everleigh spans two continents in a single weekend and comes away charmed

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Untouched Africa: a trailblazing journey across Angola

Our intrepid reporter discovers a land of striking paradox

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Croatia Travel Blueprint: four ways to admire the Croatian coastline

The coast-hugging, mountain-boasting, island-splattered land of Croatia is firmly back on the travel map and for good reason as our travel guide shows

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