February 2007

Issue number: 85

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Responsible travel, Costa Rica; Safari, Tanzania; Trek, Bhutan; Ethical volunteering; Eco break, Sark; Secret Edinburgh; Kissing festival, Provence; Reef conservation, Thailand; Travel blueprint: Antarctica

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Can secret agents stop the ivory trade?

Going undercover with the Lusaka Agreement Task Force on the Kenya-Tanzania border highlights the ongoing hazards of a very old problem

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Want to be a better traveller? Practise at home first

The same goodwill principles you often adopt when overseas are often forgotten when you're in familiar surroundings. It's time to change that...

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The Costa Rica conundrum

Costa Rica's bountiful rainforests host countless animal and plant species – and a raft of activities to boot

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Kingdom of heaven: exploring western Bhutan

Elusive snow leopards and a traditional archery contest are the highlights of the Jhomolhari trek in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan

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How to be an ethical volunteer

Taking a trip of a lifetime doesn’t have to mean blowing all your savings, Wanderlust explores the options open to the traveller wishing to give something back...

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A top secret weekend in Edinburgh

The top 7 lesser known things to do in Edinburgh on your weekend away

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Voluntary service underseas

Wanderlust's Dan Linstead travels to the gulf of Thailand to count coral and fish in the name of conservation

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Giving something back

Being a responsible traveller means more than avoiding littering the countryside; a little knowledge and forethought can go a long way

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What are you doing to make the world a better place?

We asked the travel industry's leading experts what they're doing to make this world a better one

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Languages: The secret extinction

516 languages are critically endangered and up to two a month are lost for good, but few people are even aware of their disappearance

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Antarctica Travel Blueprint: 3 unmissable trips

Populated only by crashing bergs and vast colonies of honking, splashing, waddling wildlife, the white continent is one of the planet's most incredible places. Plan a responsible visit with our blueprint guide

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