December/January 2007

Issue number: 84

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Colombia; Great Ocean Walk, Australia; China-Tibet train; Ten journeys for the 21st Century; Forest-forage, Tuscany; Ice-skating, Holland; Fjords, Norway; Cape Verde; Travel blueprint: The Silk Road

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Iceland: back to the land of fire and ice

For those who haven't been, visiting this European island more than 50 times may seen masochistic – but then it's unlike anywhere else on earth

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Allergic to travel?

Asthma and allergies are on the rise, but they needn't curb your travel plans. Here we help you see the world without wheezing

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Into the labyrinth

Wanderlust's William Gray and his family found that Venice can make a perfect family break

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Get paid to travel - become a travel product manager

Want to be one of those jammy types paid to try out hotels and explore new sights? David Atkinson gives you a few pointers

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The world according to... David Shepherd

The renowned British artist and conservationist describes the joys of painting in the African bush and a family trip to Zambia's Luangwa Valley

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Coffee and culture in Colombia

With verdant plantations, laid-back haciendas and vivacious nightlife, there's far more to Colombia than the trigger-happy stereotype

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Tibet's controversial Tanggula Pass: The view from the ground

Wanderlust sets out to experience the bleak beauty of the Tanggula Pass in Tibet by hitching a ride on the world's highest railway line

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Tibet's controversial Tanggula Pass: The view from on board

Cross over from Tibet to China at over 5000 meters while battling altitude sickness and sampling stir-fried yak; all aboard the Qinghai-Lhasa railway line

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Skating through the Netherlands

Wanderlust gives you the in-line track on where to go ice skating in the Netherlands

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Songs of freedom: exploring the Cape Verde islands

African food, Latin American music and European influences fuse in these sun-soaked, volcanic isles in the mid-Atlantic

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10 journeys for the 21st Century

Here we unearth 10 extraordinary destinations that were impossible to visit a decade ago

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Australia's Great Ocean Walk

Towering blue gum trees, mobster Koala Bears and spectacular coastal views are all on offer along Victoria's Great Ocean Walk

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