October 2006

Issue number: 82

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Paraguay; Micronations worldwide; Tigers in India; Trekking in Corsica; Underwater encounters worldwide; Western Desert, Egypt; Gothenburg, Sweden; Kayaking Ireland; cathedral-building in Spain; Travel Blueprint: Alaska; Interview with Jonathan Scott

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Remember the 80s? Let's save the whale again

The decision to resume commercial whaling needs to be fought with real vigour, says Mark Carwardine

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Putting up barriers against mosquitos

Now you know all the options, here we explain just why they are necessary and how you can maximise your protection against mosquitoes

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Malaria-free Africa

Fear of malaria shouldn't prevent you enjoying Africa - many places are malaria-free

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8 ways for an underwater safari

Done lions, tigers and bears? Try turtles, sharks and penguins. Some of the world's most thrilling wildlife encounters await you – so grab a snorkel and dive in

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It's a small world

A glimpse into a republic where poodles have ruled and counting eels are a yearly event

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High spirited in Corsica

Limited tourists and limitless hiking, David Abram explains why you should head to Corsica now

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