August/September 2006

Issue number: 81

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Chris Stewart, the interview; Outback Australia; Philippines; The end of the guidebook?; Cowboying, worldwide; Uganda, East Africa; Canoe, Minnesota; Travel blueprint: Patagonia

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A wild life in the urban jungle

Wildlife and concrete are rarely a happy mix

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Where the wild things are

You're more likely to get struck by lightning than eaten by a lion or shark, but what if...? Here we offer you advice for surviving encounters with big beasts

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Explore the USA's Boundary Waters by canoe

Paddling through 4,000 sq km of waterways is easy in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area, but at some point, you will have to carry your canoe on your head

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Wild Blue Yonder

Diving coral-encrusted shipwrecks, navigating underground rivers, swimmming through goo - discover what lies beneath Palawan, the Philippine's wild west island

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Meeting the Aborigines of Central Australia's Pit Lands

Just south of Uluru, a new tourism project allows visitors to get a glimpse of traditional Aboriginal life

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5 active retreats in Tobago

The idyllic Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago offer fine accommodation for travellers after a bit of adventure

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Cowboy trips worldwide

Ever wanted to gallop across a wide open plain in a stetson, yelling 'Yeee-haw!'? Whether you're a first timer or a hard-bitten rider, there's a real cowboy adventure out there for you

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