77 february 2006

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Easter Island, Chile; Travel blueprint: Kenya; North Korea; Travel myths debunked; A weekend in Tunis; Macedonia; Historic Havana, Cuba; Hummingbirds in Arizona, USA; Overland planner; Overlanding Africa and South America

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Earning your stripes

Russia's Siberian Tiger is slowly recovering from near-extinction, thanks to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. Mark Carwardine finds out more

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Bird flu: should you panic?

As media hysteria pushes avian flu into the headlines, we discuss whether it actually poses a threat to travellers

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Get paid to travel - become a flight attendant

Expert advice on how to become a flight attendant

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Hummingbird spotting in Arizona

Wanderlust's wildlife expert Mark Carwardine gives a whole new meaning to feeding the birds while spotting hummers in Arizona

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"Take me to your leader!" – North Korea

Here we lift the lid on the fiercely secretive and intensely strange country of North Korea

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Historic Havana

Not only are the Cuban capital's hotels smartening up their acts, they are funding the restoration of the rest of the city. Lizzie Matthews investigates...

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