76 december 2005-january 2006

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Jackaroo school, Australia; Sledding in Sweden; Flying safari, Africa; Microlight over Zambia, game viewing from the air; Tibet; The Sahara by taxi; Dampier the explorer; Travel blueprint: Chile; Bangkok oases; Orca snorkel, Norway

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Health: Fact or Fiction?

Dr Jane Wilson-Howarth sorts out the old wives' tale of travel health

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A.A Gill interview

In his book The Angry Island, travel writer and globetrotter A.A Gill stays much closer to home, discovering what makes the English tick

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Swimming with killer whales

Arctic Norway is the place to get in the water with orca - unless you're a herring

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Mt Kailash & beyond: in search of Shangri-la

Fulfilling a lifelong dream, TV traveller Michael Wood treks deep into western Tibet, to mystical Mt Kailash and the fabled lost city of Tsaparang

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Microlight fantastic - microlighting in Zambia

No time for a full time safari? No problem - skim over Zambia on an unforgettable microlight flight

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Safari in the sky

Flying is about a lot more than just getting from A to B by the quickest means possible

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How to be a true blue cowboy in Australia

Self-confessed city boy Andrew Thomas goes bush in New South Wales to see if he can hack life on the farm

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Chile Travel Blueprint: 4 incredible itineraries

The ‘thin country’ is a deceptive nickname – Chile is stuffed with attractions. This meaty blueprint guide will help you plan your menu of volcanoes, deserts, vineyards and glaciers

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Dog sledding in the Swedish Arctic

In the depths of the Swedish Arctic, we discovered what fun it is to ride on a three-dog open sleigh

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Get paid to travel: become an international aid worker

Expert advice to help you become an international aid worker

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