72 june-july 2005

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Plymouth to Dakar rally, UK to Senegal; Cycling, Cuba; Travel blueprint, South India; La Rioja, spain; Kayak, New Zealand; Kayak, worldwide; Last minute deals, worldwide; Stockholm archipelago, Sweden; Laos

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Bamboo stalks and panda poo

Stalking pandas in China is a damp, yet fulfilling adventure - even in you don't find any, reckons Mark Carwardine

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Tony Wheeler on Australia

There's an up-and-coming part of Western Australia where you can get as lost as you want (and always be picked up again)

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Cycle through Cuba

From the pulse of the Cuban music to the pulse of your own heart beat racing - the sounds and sights of Cuba are best discovered on the seat of a bicycle

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Take a Spanish wine tour, La Rioja

Uncork La Rioja and get a taste for more than just fine wine in this history-soaked region of northern Spain

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Kayaking adventures in New Zealand

Will Gray splashes out on three of New Zealand's best sea kayaking adventures

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