70 march 2005

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Road trip, Malaysia; sailing, Canada; cycling, Malawi; trekking, India; Kasbahs, Morocco; Mongolia; Omo tribes, Kenya and Ethiopia; Inca Trail, Peru; Harlem, New York; roadtrip, Kenya to South Africa; wildlife, Bolivia; Travel the world; South Island, New Zealand; driving circuit, Namibia

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Norway's Arctic Circle

What's better than whale watching? Jumping in among them while they guzzle a shoal of herring, says Mark Carwardine

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Freedom in Haiti

Tom Chesshyre visits the world's first freed-slave nation to discover a country once more seeking its freedom

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World's Greatest Journeys: Find the source of the Ganges

A journey through undiluted India to the source of one of the world's mightiest rivers

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World's Greatest Journeys: Drive from Nairobi to Cape Town

Lizzie Matthews follows the legendary explorers of the past on this epic journey across sub-Saharan Africa

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World's Greatest Journeys: Track jaguar in the Bolivian Amazon

Welcome to the jungle – the Amazon rainforest isn't just confined to Brazil and Peru, and the jaguars wander where they please...

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World's Greatest Journeys: Drive around Namibia

Your number-one country is our number-one journey – Sarah Baxter sees a bit of everything on the long, empty roads of Namibia

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Self-drive Malaysia

Swap city lights for pristine jungle and deserted beaches and try a self-drive around Malaysia on some of the safest roads in Asia

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Tribes of the Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Travel to the lost tribes of the Omo: trains, boats and automobiles were needed for this journey to the cradle of mankind

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